Dead to Me season 3 ending explained: Where do Jen and Judy end up?

Dead to Me season 3 sees Jen and Judy keeping their heads down from the FBI, who have taken over the investigation of Steve’s death. The third season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Jen wakes up from a car accident to find herself being admitted to a hospital alongside Judy. Though Jen will be completely alright, the same isn’t the case for Judy.

The doctor assumes that Jen is Judy and reveals that Judy might be having cancer. For now, Jen keeps this a secret from her best friend and heads home to discover that Charlie has found the letter she had written.

Meanwhile, Ben struggles with his own grief after being informed that his brother’s body has been discovered. The FBI is taking over the case, and Perez will now struggle to protect Jen.

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With all that is going on in Jen’s life, Judy tries to keep everything together and helps her out. Jen eventually musters up the courage to tell Judy the truth about her cancer.

Much like how Judy was there for her, Jen decided to be by her side as well. Amidst all of this, Perez warns Jen that the officer that has taken over the case, Agent Moranis, is quite skilled.

Judy hopes not to be a burden on Jen and lies about her CT scan results, claiming that she has no cancer. She vows to go to Sonoma with Michelle to start a restaurant.

This plan of going to Sonoma further disappoints Jen leaving Judy no option but to reveal the truth. Jen stays with Judy through her chemotherapy sessions.

The duo celebrates life together, and Jen soon finds out that she is pregnant with Ben’s baby.

Ben, on the other hand, seeks help for his addiction and makes amends to everyone he has hurt, including Jen. He confesses that the night her husband died, Judy and Steve were taking him to the hospital in that car after a fight he had with Steve.

Moments later, the cops arrive to arrest Ben, as he was the one who had crashed into Jen and Judy’s car earlier and had run away.

Jen and Judy protected themselves from the FBI’s investigation by orchestrating a number of lies. Despite their immense efforts, Agent Moranis soon came close to solving the case.

Judy, who had accepted her fate, after finding out that her chemotherapy treatments have failed, decided to turn herself in.

Jen convinces Nick to give Judy three weeks for a clinical trial. He lets them go with a tracker attached to Judy’s leg.

Judy, on her side, was not interested in the clinical trial at all; she just wanted to live the remaining life she has. Jen accepted her wishes, and the duo went on a vacation together.

Judy’s mother reconciled with Judy and took the tracker Nick had installed and attached it to her leg to let her daughter live her last few days.

Nick later finds out that Perez and the cops have found Agent Moranis dead in his room.

Dead to Me season 3 ending explained in detail:

Who kills Agent Moranis?

Jen had paid Agent Moranis a visit and offered him cakes before telling him about her affair with Steve. The FBI was investigating the DNA that has been found on Steve’s body.

Jen wanted to defend herself and thought this lie would do the trick.

During their vacation, Jen received a call from Ben. Jen told him about their baby, and Ben, in return, gave them good news as well.

He tells them that the cops are suspecting that the Greeks are involved in Agent Moranis’ death as the room was found ransacked.

The Greeks were looking for the money Steve stole from them and had also confronted Jen and Judy earlier, but they managed to escape.

Agent Moranis either died because of the cakes that Jen had brought or probably because the Greeks themselves killed him assuming that he is a threat.

Does Judy die?

Jen and Judy spend a heartfelt vacation that is filled with memorable moments and big steps.

The duo comes across the car that killed Jen’s husband, Jen reconciles with Ben, and they also find out the gender of Jen’s baby together during their day out.

At the end of the day, Jen realizes the kind of pain Judy is in. Judy further states that she won’t be going back and would rather stay, considering this a permanent vacation.

They end the night by confessing their love for each other. The next day, Jen finds Judy missing. Outside, she sees her footsteps on the beach that are heading toward the ocean.

Jen realizes that Judy has sailed on a boat far away, accepting that this is the end of her life.

What happens to Jen?

Jen comes back home to attend Henry’s show. Even Ben is out of prison and comes to sit by her side. She gives birth to her daughter Joey in the following months and introduces her to the grief circle.

Jen’s whole family goes on vacation, and during her time there, she dares to tell Ben about his brother’s death. Before she could do that, the credits roll and the show wraps up.

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