Day Shift ending explained: Does Bud kill Audrey?

The horror-comedy Day Shift follows vampire hunter Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx), who ends up on the hit list of a group of vampires. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Bud is a bonafide vampire hunter looking to make quick money by selling the teeth of the ones he kills. 

His ex-wife, Jocelyn (Meagan Good), and daughter, Paige (Zion Broadnax), will move to Florida unless he can manage to earn a large sum of money. He has hidden his true job from them and acts as if he is a pool cleaner.

This had a huge effect on their marriage, which is why they are not together anymore.

During an encounter with an elderly vampire, Bud manages to come out on top. But when he tries to sell it in a pawn shop, he is quoted a low price.

The union of vampire killers could offer him a better price but he isn’t exactly on good terms with them because of violating multiple rules in the past.

Nonetheless, he attempts to get back in and succeeds with some help from fellow hunter Big John Elliott (Snoop Dogg).

However, the union assigns a rep named Seth (Dave Franco) to accompany him on the field at all times. His attempt to sell the teeth is also a failure because of his past dues and additional cuts.

Seth has no interest in getting on the field and enjoys his behind-the-desk role. During an encounter with vampires, he helps Bud. They also join renowned vampire hunters the Nazarian Brothers in a hunt.

They start to figure out that something is quite wrong as the herd of vampires fighting together isn’t supposed to get along. In the process of these outings, Bud and Seth start to bond. He also reveals his money issues to him.

Audrey (Karla Souza), after coming across the elderly vampire that Bud killed at the start of the film, is plotting revenge against him.

She targets his family, capturing Jocelyn and Paige as well as biting Seth, who wakes up as a vampire. Even after Bud beheads him, he returns to life.

Heather, one of Audrey’s vampires, turns sides and reveals why Audrey wants revenge. The elderly vampire that Bud killed was her daughter. She turned her when she was already old.

Audrey is also posing as a realtor to make the valley the hub of Vampires in America.

Day Shift ending explained in detail:

How does Bud defeat Audrey?

After Bud, Seth and Heather team up, they manage to infiltrate the place where Audrey and the vampires are keeping Jocelyn and Paige.

When they’re backed into a corner, Big John enters and lends them a hand. He even sacrifices himself to help Bud reach Audrey.

Heather and Seth face off against her right-hand man, Klaus, and kill him after ripping his arms off.

Audrey reveals her plan to turn Paige into a vampire and let her feed on Jocelyn. She will then take her as her own daughter.

Bud fights against Audrey and seems to be losing, however, Jocelyn lends a hand by stabbing her. But she keeps going.

Just when all hope seems lost, Bud comes up with a last-ditch effort; using a silver wire to behead Audrey and kill her once and for all.

What happens to Seth?

After getting rid of Klaus and Audrey, the union official arrives to penalise Bud for violating several union rules.

But Seth steps in with loopholes that protect Bud from any penalties. As the official tells him that he can forget the coveted desk job he desired, Bud consoles him that he belongs in the field now.

Seth and Heather, both vampires, now leave together but nothing has changed between them and Bud.

Do Bud and Jocelyn get back together?

After Jocelyn figures out the whole truth, she asks Bud to stop keeping secrets from now onwards. They decide to rekindle their relationship but take it one day at a time and be honest with each other.

They also share a kiss, much to Paige’s delight at seeing both her parents on the same page again.

Is Big John dead or alive?

During the assault, Big John was bitten by vampires but continued fighting. He ended up seemingly sacrificing himself by setting off a detonator.

However, in the end, he comes out of the sewer, very much alive, and says: “That’s what I love about LA. All the damn vampires.”

Since he was bitten by a vampire as well, it is very much possible that he is also one now. This will only be confirmed if there’s a sequel.

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