Davit and Zurab Radiani: Extraction 2 characters explained

In Extraction 2, Davit and Zurab Radiani are the druglords from whom Tyler is rescuing Ketevan, his ex-wife’s sister, and her kids. Tornike Bziava plays Davit, while Zurab is played by Tornike Gogrichiani.

Davit and Zurab run a billion-dollar heroin and weapons operation in Georgia, which allows them to practically run the country. They have every politician in their pockets. Davit, Zurab, and their people call themselves the Nagazi.

Davit, who is also the husband of Ketevan, is in prison because he threw a DEA agent off the roof. The Americans are involved now, and Davit can’t escape them easily.

Davit is forcefully keeping Ketevan and their kids with him in a place that is surrounded by people who are willing to kill each other.

For a while, Zurab has been trying to get his brother out, but he is constantly failing. Ketevan fears that her kids will turn out to be like her husband the longer they stay here.

She is not wrong. Sandro, her elder son, has already been brainwashed by the ideologies of his father and uncle. He seeks to be a Nagazi someday.

Davit and Zurab’s dark past

Davit and Zurab were born into war. They were raised and hardened by it. When they were kids, they fled the civil war in Georgia and escaped to Armenia. Their uncle, Avtandil, took them in. Avtandil now runs operations for the two of them.

Davit and Zurab Radiani: Extraction 2 characters explained 1
Zurab seeks to avenge his brother

In Armenia, to survive the life-threatening streets of Yerevan, they turned to a life of crime. They began running drug operations when they were teenagers. Soon, they started doing murders for hire.

According to them, they are soldiers chosen by God. By the time they returned to Georgia, they had become folk heroes. They offered their recruits something very important in the form of family. That’s how they built a cult-like following.

Davit and Zurab’s deaths

Davit keeps his family in prison and protects them from rival gangs. When Tyler comes and tries to break Ketevan and her kids out of the place, a prison riot begins.

Davit ends up finding Tyler and Ketevan before they can escape. Davit gives a tough fight to Tyler. However, Tyler and Ketevan team up together to kill Davit.

Davit’s death takes a heavy toll on Zurab. Davit and Zurab had an abusive father, who used to beat Zurab if he ever failed to protect his brother during the fights at school.

Zurab has been taught to fight for his brother until the last drop of his blood. He kept doing this all his life and even killed a politician when he failed to lift the punishment on Davit.

To make the murderers of his brother pay, Zurab goes as far as to kill his uncle when he attempts to stop him. Zurab and Davit followed God’s words all their lives, but now Zurab is being driven by his anger.

Zurab keeps coming for Tyler, Ketevan, and her kids, hell-bent on killing them. He attempts to use a brainwashed Sandro to his advantage.

Sandro ends up bailing out on Zurab after watching how his uncle and the Nagazi function. Tyler, in the end, gets the upper hand on Zurab and kills him with a headshot the moment Zurab says he will not stop.

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