Dave: Mulligan character explained

In Mulligan, Dave is a human survivor who predicted the alien attack 14 seconds before it commenced. In the world after the attack, he becomes a doomsday prophet.

In the world before the alien attack, David J. Fudgesniffer, also known as Dave, regularly harassed people in a park by telling them that the end of the world is near. Cops often threw him out for this.

On the day Axatrax and the Cardibeans finally attacked Earth, Dave made the exact prediction of how the end would be and that the bugs would be the ones attacking them. Fourteen seconds later, the prediction came true, and Earth suffered at the hands of bug-like creatures from Planet Cardi-B.

In the new world led by Matty Mulligan, on Easter, LaMarr realizes that traditional religion is now losing meaning in this post-apocalyptic world until he learns about Dave. Dave predicted the attack accurately, and many people started following him religiously.

LaMarr attempts to use Dave

LaMarr likes to think that religion and government go hand in hand. He can use Dave to tell the people what to believe, what issues they should care about, and how to vote.

Dave: Mulligan character explained 1
LaMarr grooms Dave

LaMarr introduces Prophet Dave to his people at the White House. Dave tries to be confident and makes another prediction about eggs hunting humans down during the egg hunt.

No one at the White House believes in Dave’s predictions. They call him crazy and start laughing at him. Dave continues to describe how these eggs will turn into monsters. To protect himself from embarrassment, LaMarr takes Dave to the side.

Dave’s confession

LaMarr warns Dave that people might lose faith in him if his prophecies stop coming true. He asks Dave not to ruin all of this. Dave then musters up the courage and confesses that he is actually trying to ruin all of this by making ridiculous predictions. 

Being a prophet has taken over Dave’s life. Dave used to get high all the time and make predictions like these in his life before the alien attack.

Most of his predictions didn’t come true, but this alien attack one did, and it left a heavy impact on his life. People started bringing him more drugs and boxed wine. He enjoyed it for a while, but not anymore.

Dave now has enough drugs. He just doesn’t have time to take it because all day people ask him to say stuff.

What happens to Dave?

The prediction about eggs turning into monsters and eating humans comes true as well. Axatrax egested such alien eggs. They evolved, turned into monsters, and started attacking everyone.

Dave: Mulligan character explained 2
LaMarr and Dave watch the latter’s prediction come true

LaMarr sees the opportunity and calls Dave an actual god. A high Dave agrees and decides to stand up to the big monster created out of one egg. Dave ends up falling into the mouth of that monster and dying with it when Matty and his friends electrocute it to death.

After Dave’s death, LaMarr makes him Saint Dave of Lafayette Square. A national cathedral is named after Dave, and hymns about him are written and sung, celebrating the man who sacrificed himself for humans. Dave becomes the god and religion of this new world.

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