Daniel Spellbound season 2 ending explained: What happens to Shakila?

Daniel Spellbound season 2 follows the titular tracker as he tries to rejoin the Tracker’s Guild while a hunt for the Sceptre of the Primus puts the whole world at risk of an evil take-over.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Daniel Spellbound has been rejousted from the Tracker’s Guild. To get back in, he must collect and submit an item categorized as “untrackable.” Meanwhile, Hoagie is intent on returning to his human form, but Daniel has more pressing issues on his plate.

Dowser Lucy Santana wishes to become the next Primus and help the underprivileged throughout the world. However, in order to become the Primus, she must get a hold of the Sceptre that allows one to be the next Primus and one that always disappears when a Primus’s tenure comes to an end.

A young girl named Shakila “Shak” Chinda, asks Daniel for his help in finding her lost brother, Jaisukh “Jayce” Chinda. Initially reluctant, Daniel agrees to help her when he hears the name since the legendary Tracker Jayce is kind of a hero to him.

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Furthermore, Shak promises to get Daniel his untrackable if he helps her. They get on working and with the help of an oracle called Haruspex, they learn that Jayce is somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

They transport themselves to an abandoned ship in the middle of a foggy part of the ocean and find Jayce trapped inside a soul box. After regaining his freedom, Jayce wishes to resume his mission, which was to go to the coffee of the Spellbounds.

He claims that it’s the key to starting another Golden Age of Magic. However, his intentions seem to be maligned, which Hoagie calls out in spite of Daniel’s repeated defense of him.

Hoagie is eventually fed up with Daniel’s apathy for his dreams and bails on the mission, while Jayce, Shak, and Daniel continue on their hunt. Meanwhile, Lucy is joined by Hoagie in her quest for the Sceptre.

The two teams stumble upon each other as they find they’re both after the same thing, but Jayce’s ambition goes beyond the common item they both need.

Jayce’s demonized form continues to drive him away from his sister but even after Spellbound bails on the mission, she supports her brother who she’s been looking for so long.

A final confrontation brings Daniel, Lucy, and Hoagie facing off against Jayce, who gets his hands on the Coffer and unleashes the Dread Magic on the world. They finally manage to defeat him, though, as Shak has to make a sacrifice.

The final moments of Daniel Spellbound season 2 see the titular tracker ditch the guild, Lucy becoming the new Primus, and a friend they had thought was gone, returning to surprise Daniel and Hoagie.

Daniel Spellbound season 2 ending explained in detail:

What is Dread Magic?

Dread Magic is an ancient evil force that wreaks havoc on the world. It’s a parasitic force that takes over its hosts and turns them into mindless monsters fueled by hatred, malice, and hunger.

Dread Magic is what changed Jayce’s appearance and later, he was locked up inside a soul box by the alchemists. When Daniel, Hoagie, and Shak free him from captivity, a lot of his inner psyche has been affected by the Dread Magic.

It constantly tries to take over and in moments where Jayce tries to use this demonized form of his, the Dread Magic almost always overwhelms him. At last, he loses complete control of the evil force.

But when his sister turns to stone, a little bit of Jayce’s human self tries to resist, only to fail against the mighty force. In the final moments of Daniel Spellbound season 2, the embodiment of Dread Magic takes full control and starts taking over the whole world as well.

What is Daniel’s true lineage?

Daniel has always thought nothing out of the ordinary about his surname — Spellbound. That’s until he finds Jayce’s journals containing his name and others from his family.

Later, Jayce himself reveals to Daniel that before Dowsers, there were Spellbounds. They were mythic heroes who served magic users by finding, protecting, and preserving rare magic ingredients.

This means that they were like an early version of Trackers as well. However, this is not the end of the similarities they shared with their modern iterations of magical authorities.

They were quite a big deal and when Daniel astral projects to meet the first-ever Primus, Evan Gray, he learns that the last Spellbound was also the first Primus, meaning that the Primuses was the evolution of the Spellbounds.

They were also the ones who sealed away the Dread Magic inside a coffer and kept it at the island below the sea, hidden from the real world.

Jayce found it, but to open the door to the place where the coffer was kept, he had to use a Spellbound as the key. Daniel Spellbound season 2 also briefly teases Daniel’s father, who was likely a Spellbound member too, but there’s no further elaboration regarding the same.

What happens to Shak?

Shakila aka Shak is Jayce’s sister, and she wishes nothing but to reunite with him and spend time together like before. However, her brother doesn’t just not resemble his old self, but his inner self is also changed, influenced by the Dread Magic within.

Her brother’s plan is foiled when Daniel, Lucy, and Hoagie fight him, and Shak reluctantly follows his brother’s command. As she siphons all her magic into the scepter to open the door, she gets transported inside the place and becomes calcified.

Other Spellbounds, those who first sealed the Dread Magic long ago, also turned to stone as a result of the spell.

However, when Daniel and company defeat Jayce/Dread Magic and seal it inside an energy drink bottle, it is Haruspex who comes to Shak’s rescue and turns her back from stone to a living organic being again.

Haruspex used a part of the soul Shak had offered when she shared her secret. Daniel Spellbound season 2 ends with Shak joining Daniel and Hoagie for future adventures.

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