Daniel Padín: Gangs of Galicia character explained

Daniel Padín is the leader of the Padín gang in name only. In Gangs of Galicia, Tamar Novas plays Daniel Padín.

Daniel is the son of José Padín, a dangerous drug trafficker and the former leader of the Padín gang. While Daniel runs the business now, he is still not the one in charge. 

All the important decisions are made by José, who remains in prison. Daniel does not agree with all of his father’s decisions, but he has to follow his father’s orders. 

To take his father’s place and become the true leader of the gang, Daniel needs to earn the trust of their business associates.

Broken trust and childhood lost

When Daniel was young, the police gathered enough evidence to arrest his father. With his mother ill, José’s partner, Silva, took care of Daniel.

Silva became a father figure to him and earned his trust. Then, a witness came forward to testify against José in court.

Their identity was kept secret to protect them from the gang. Daniel was curious about the identity of the witness and started looking for them.

He discovered that the witness was none other than Silva, who had also stolen a box of valuables that Daniel had hidden for his father and told Silva about.

Gangs of Galicia Daniel
Daniel realizes that Silva betrayed his father

Silva’s testimony led to José’s imprisonment. Silva fled town, leaving Daniel to look after his sick mother.

Daniel stayed by his mother’s side until she died. After her death, he could have left town and chosen a better life for himself with all the money he had. 

However, his father wanted someone trustworthy to run his business for him, so he made the choice for Daniel, who ended up becoming his father’s puppet. 

Falling in love with Ana

Daniel never stopped searching for Silva, as he was intent on demanding answers. When he finally finds Silva, his father has him killed before Daniel can confront him. 

Silva’s daughter, Ana, then moves to Cambados to uncover the truth about her father’s past. Unaware of her identity, Daniel convinces Ana to work for him and begins to trust her with his business dealings. 

As Ana becomes deeply involved in Daniel’s illegal activities, she gathers evidence against José, suspecting that he was behind her father’s death. 

With time, Daniel falls in love with Ana. He plans to leave town and his father’s business after one last mission. He asks Ana to join him. 

Ana takes this opportunity to convince Daniel to collect evidence against his father, claiming that it would ensure her safety once they left.

Daniel’s future plans are ruined when he is betrayed during the mission and arrested. On top of that, his father reveals Ana’s true identity as Silva’s daughter. 

Later, Daniel, aware that Ana could not have reported him to the police, agrees to meet her when she visits him in prison. 

While Ana’s confession about her feelings being genuine brings him relief, her admission that she is pregnant with his child leaves him heartbroken, knowing that he would not be part of his child’s life.

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