Daniel Lang: Who is Erin Carter? character explained

In Who is Erin Carter?, Daniel Lang is the father of a student at the school where Erin teaches and is secretly a big-time criminal. Douglas Henshall plays Daniel Lang.

Daniel Lang is a wealthy businessman who first appears in Who is Erin Carter? to talk to Erin about his son’s results after a mock test. Erin gave Daniel’s son, Dylan, a zero for drawing inappropriate sketches on his test paper.

Dylan is always making Daniel mad. Dylan has already been kicked out of three schools. Every time Daniel enrolls him in a new one, he has to make assurances and a friendly donation.

Daniel is at first furious about Erin giving his son a zero until he sees his son’s paper. When Daniel asks what punishment Dylan is getting, Erin says they are going to hear Dylan’s cry for help.

Erin thinks Dylan is struggling academically and can do better with some support. Daniel is impressed by the way Erin looks at Dylan.

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Daniel offers Erin a job as Dylan’s tutor since he wants Dylan to be homeschooled now. He is ready to match the amount the school Erin works at pays.

However, Erin declines the offer and advises Daniel not to have Dylan homeschooled. Dylan is trying to get a reaction out of his father, and this way, he will win.

Daniel’s secret

Daniel surprises Erin when it is revealed that he is the one bankrolling the gang Emilio is investigating. Daniel kills Emilio and asks Erin to stay out of this.

For the crime he committed, Daniel offers to pay for Emilio’s son’s schooling. Erin can’t have Daniel buy his way out of this mess, so she dares to threaten him.

When Lena shows up looking for her daughter, she is kidnapped by Daniel, who wants information on Erin. Lena reminds Daniel that they have worked together in the past; she has lived in his house.

Daniel Lang: Who is Erin Carter? character explained 1
Daniel learns who Erin is

Daniel bankrolled Thomas Ramsey five years ago, when Lena and an undercover Erin were working for Ramsey. DI Jim Armstrong, the CIO officer Erin was originally working for, wanted to apprehend Daniel.

Daniel is shocked to hear that the rat who ruined the Harwich job five years ago was right under his nose all this time.

Daniel’s death

When Daniel’s men fail to capture Erin, he orders them to pick up her husband, Jordi, and Lena’s daughter, Harper, and tasks Lena to bring Erin to him if she wants Harper safe and sound.

Lena does find Erin, but the two women team up because they want what is best for Harper. Lena sacrifices her life during their battle against Daniel’s gang.

Erin comes to her family’s rescue. Once Erin and Daniel are alone in the room, Daniel confesses that the Harwich job was supposed to be his last. When it went wrong, he felt a real sense of injustice. Since then, there have been around 11 or 12 jobs that he has orchestrated.

Erin says that he should have just walked away. Daniel doesn’t agree. He believes that he should have seen Erin for what she is. He hopes her family sees what he sees. As he heads to pick up his gun, Erin shoots him dead, ending this once and for all.

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