Creature summary and ending explained

Creature follows the consequences of a scientist and his student’s reckless experiment that seeks to control life and death. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In Ottoman-era Turkey, a group of men, led by Captain Ömer, sets out to find treasure in the snowy mountains. It is said that a Byzantine prince left it out in the mountains to tamper with people’s fates.

The group is prepared to face harsh conditions to get the treasure. Suddenly, a creature appears carrying an unconscious man and asks the group to heal him before disappearing into the mountains again.

This man is Ziya, and once he regains consciousness, he tells the group the story of his life. Ziya’s father is a respected physician, and Ziya was supposed to follow in his footsteps. 

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Ziya’s story takes the audience to the time when he met Asiye, a girl who was raised by Ziya’s parents like a daughter. Ziya and Asiye have been in love since they were children.

At a young age, Ziya comes across a book called The Book of Resurrection and becomes obsessed with resurrecting the dead. Ziya’s father disapproves of his son’s interest in the forbidden book, as the people who try to use that book end up dead. No one knows where the book is now.

After a cholera epidemic kills Ziya’s mother, Ziya goes to Istanbul to study medicine. His attempts to find the book result in him getting robbed, leaving him penniless in an unfamiliar city. A kind man takes pity on him and allows him to work and live in his shop.

In Istanbul, Ziya gets to meet İhsan, a troubled scientist. İhsan comes from a rich family and was educated in Paris. İhsan, who is a smart man, was a professor at the university where Ziya is studying.

However, his desire to experiment and discover better treatments intimidated others. His peers were jealous of him, and they found a way to get him expelled. Getting expelled hurt him a lot, and it is believed that he tried to kill himself.

Like İhsan, Ziya is also not satisfied with the university professors and their lessons. Ziya wants to do something better, and he gets the opportunity that he has been waiting for when he starts suspecting that İhsan is conducting secret experiments. 

Ziya feigns illness to get İhsan to allow him entry into his house. Ziya does not know that his father is friends with İhsan and has asked him to take care of Ziya. Due to that, İhsan allows Ziya to stay with him and looks after him.

Ziya drugs İhsan that night and enters the room that he keeps locked. Ziya finds a copy of The Book of Resurrection there and comes to know that İhsan has been using the book to build a machine that would allow him to bring people back to life. 

Ziya then asks İhsan to make him his apprentice. İhsan is reluctant, but Ziya forces his hand. Ziya not only threatens to expose his secret but also hides the book after memorizing the contents. As İhsan wants to keep experimenting, he allows Ziya to join him.

Together, they make progress, but they also forsake their morals; they even steal a dead body from a cemetery. That day, it rains, which makes it the perfect day to conduct their experiment, as Ziya and İhsan need lightning for it.

Ziya goes out to get fresh blood. When he is gone, lightning strikes and causes a blast in their makeshift lab, as there is gunpowder on the floor. The blast kills İhsan, but Ziya refuses to give up.

He figures out the step that was missing from the copy of The Book of Ressurection and successfully resurrects İhsan. However, the product of his experiment is not a man but a childlike creature who cannot walk, talk, or do anything on his own.

This creature is not the professor that Ziya once knew. Ziya cannot look after this child and regrets conducting the experiment. He meets his friend Yunus and tells him everything. Ziya decides to drop out of the school and return home.

With Yunus’ help, Ziya burns down İhsan’s house to make everyone believe that İhsan is dead. He then abandons İhsan, who does not know anything about the world and is left to fare for himself. Ziya still does not take responsibility for his actions.

Ziya returns home just when his father and Asiye come to Istanbul to meet him. When they find out about İhsan’s death, Ziya dropping out of school, and Ziya returning home distressed, they start doubting whether Ziya has done something wrong.

Meanwhile, İhsan is shunned and beaten wherever he goes because of his misshapen body. He finds a family when he joins a touring theater company. As it is full of people who are regarded as oddities and rejected by society, İhsan is accepted and loved by them.

He starts getting his memories back and speaking, but his happiness does not last long. When the police trouble them, İhsan becomes involved in a policeman’s murder, so he has to leave his new family and run away.

After wandering for some time, he starts living in the chicken coop of a blind woman, Seher. The old woman is poor and has a pregnant girl, Esma, hiding in her house. The girl’s family wants to kill her for conceiving a child out of wedlock. 

Seher and Esma get to know İhsan, and with time, they become a family. Esma gives birth to her child and falls in love with İhsan. Esma and İhsan raise the child together and decide to get married. However, Esma’s family finds her and kills her.

İhsan protects the child and kills Esma’s murderers. He assures Seher that he will return before taking Esma’s body to the snowy mountains to bury it. By this time, İhsan has regained all of his memories. Furthermore, İhsan’s resurrected body possesses strength that is far superior to any man’s.

İhsan remembers Ziya’s father’s address. After being abandoned and suffering so much, he decides to find Ziya, who is looking forward to a fresh start. He assures his father and Asiye that he has not done anything immoral and gets married to Asiye.

Creature ending explained in detail:

What does İhsan want from Ziya?

The day Ziya gets married to Asiye and takes her to their new house, İhsan finds them and takes them captive. İhsan wants Ziya to build the machine with him once again, as he wants Ziya to resurrect Esma. 

İhsan threatens to kill Ziya and Asiye, who now knows that Ziya did something terrible to İhsan, if Ziya refuses to go with him. Ziya has no choice but to comply. Asiye does not stop İhsan from taking Ziya but asks him to bring her husband back home safely once he gets what he wants.

Where is The Book of Ressurection?

Although İhsan had asked Asiye not to inform anyone about Ziya’s kidnapping, Asiye tells her family everything. When Asiye states that İhsan wants to build a machine, Ziya’s father figures out that İhsan was talking about the machine in The Book of Ressurection.

Ziya’s father, Asiye’s father, and Asiye go to Istanbul to İhsan’s house to look for Ziya. The ground shakes, and the copy of The Book of Ressurection that Ziya had buried outside İhsan’s house emerges. This leads to Ziya’s father realizing what Ziya did when he was in Istanbul.

Does Ziya return home?

İhsan makes Ziya climb the mountains. He knows that there are men up there searching for treasure, and he plans to make them carry Esma’s body down the mountains. On their way, İhsan tells Ziya about everything that happened to him.

İhsan’s soul was crossing purgatory when Ziya resurrected him. İhsan saw Hell and the demons there. İhsan considers this life his rebirth, a second chance. He did find love in this life, but he only had it for a short period of time.

İhsan also tells Ziya about how he suffered when Ziya abandoned him. İhsan holds him accountable for his actions. He believes that Ziya left him because he fulfilled his life’s goal of becoming the Maker. However, he was not satisfied with what he had created and moved on to explore other areas.

Unlike İhsan’s body, Ziya’s body cannot withstand cold and hunger, and he falls sick. İhsan then takes Ziya to the group of treasure hunters and asks them to heal him. He provides them with food as well. As seen at the beginning, Ziya recovers and tells his story to the group.

İhsan finds the treasure that the group has been looking for and gives it to Captain Ömer. In return, he wants the group to help him bring Esma’s body from the mountains. However, the treasure makes the men fight amongst themselves, resulting in a gunfight that kills Ziya.

Is İhsan dead or alive?

When Ziya dies. İhsan’s hope of resurrecting Esma dies with him. İhsan does not want anything to do with mankind anymore. He is not going back to Seher and the baby, as he believes that wherever he goes, death follows.

İhsan asks Captain Ömer to give Seher and the baby their share of the treasure and carries Ziya’s body up the snowy mountains. Captain Ömer watches İhsan disappear with his creator. Captain Ömer then visits Seher and the baby to give them their share of the treasure. 

He also finds a letter in his pocket. Ziya wrote this letter to ask Asiye for forgiveness and left it in Captain Ömer’s pocket in case he never returned to his wife. When the letter is delivered to Asiye, she comes to know that her husband is dead.

İhsan allows nature’s forces to take his life. He is frozen to death with Ziya’s body in his lap. He died praying for mercy. In death, the two of them become the monuments that they always wanted to be.

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