Control Z season 3 ending explained: Who is the hacker?

‘Control Z’ season 3 (2022) follows a hacker who begins releasing students’ secrets to the entire high school, while the socially isolated but observant Sofia works to uncover their identity. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

Control Z season 3 picked up where season 2 left off – at principal Susana’s accidental death amidst the conflict between a high school circle. Once Susana’s body hit the ground from the roof, the students fled the scene as soon as they could.

Instead of revealing the truth, however, the students decided to make a pact wherein they never speak of it again, after they find out that Susana’s body had been missing from the location of the fall.

While Susana’s body is not to be found in its former place, Maria also goes missing. Everyone suspects that she just ran away out of fear.

As Sofia and her friends are making plans for their graduation and join Raul’s party, the entire high school suddenly receives a cryptic message from a familiar social media account called “_allyoursecrets_”. The message includes a video asking them “Why did you leave her alone?” evidently pointing at Susana.

Given the limited number of people present at the crime scene, the group suspects that the hacker who sent the message is Raul himself. Infuriated, he kicks everyone out of the party.

Moreover, Raul was the one who convinced them to forget about it soon after it happened and move on with their lives.  As a result, when they receive the message they start panicking about it, and as usual, Sofia and her current boyfriend, Javier Williams, decide to investigate the matter further.

Control Z season 3 ending explained in detail:

The mystery behind the disappearance of Susana’s body

Javier and Sofia decide to visit Susana’s house and meet her husband, Antonio “Guero” Segovia, who used to work as a sports teacher at National School, to find out what happened to Susana’s body. 

According to Guero, they had a fight on the day of Susana’s death. He accused her of cheating on him with the previous school principal, Miguel Quintanilla. 

He explains that when he returned home later that night, he found Susana lying dead near the ground and believed that she had jumped out of the window of their apartment. That’s why he blamed himself for her death.

Sofia still confused about how Susana’s body ended up at Guero’s building, later figures out that something else has been going on the whole time. As she proceeds with her investigation, she realises that her boyfriend is more involved than she was ever aware of.

On the night of the accident, Javier panicked and called his father Damian Williams for help as he did not know what to do. Damian asked him to calm down and suggested he take matters into his own hands.

Apparently, it was Damian who was responsible for moving the body. He had called some professional thugs who cleaned up the place and placed the body at Guero’s house.

Though Javier just wanted to protect himself and Sofia from this mess, Damian used the opportunity to control his son’s career and forced him to play football and become a football player just like him. 

Later, however, Javier finally understands his father’s toxic nature and decides to reveal his crimes to the world. When Sofia reveals to the authorities that they were all associated with Susana’s accident, Damian is arrested for deliberately tampering with the crime scene and is put behind bars.

Behind #_allyoursecrets_

As Sofia is trying to figure out who was behind the account, the threats from “_allyoursecrets_” became more frequent. At some point, Javier caught a young teenager recording him on camera at Sofia’s house while he was with Natalia.

While the teenager got away, Javier got his backpack wherein he found a drawing of the pictorial logo that the account was using. At the same time, Sofia discovered that her classmate Ernesto had won a competition wherein he had managed to break a firewall. She got suspicious as to how he became a hacker out of the blue and realised that Bruno could be behind him.

The reason Bruno was a suspect is that Sofia knew only one person who could so efficiently and easily break a firewall. He was also sent to prison in the past for hacking into students’ phones and blackmailing them with Raul’s help.

Sofia found out that it was Bruno who was blackmailing teenagers all around the city and in return soliciting them to commit various crimes. Once Bruno’s identity came to light, all the teenagers came together to beat him up. The series, however, does not specify whether Bruno was beaten to death or was arrested again.

Confession and atonement

The hacker contacted Ernesto to do him one last favour and play the video during the prom night at the National School that would expose the truth about Susana’s death and how the students were involved in it. Before that, Alex and Claudia reached the venue to stop it.

Though they managed to stop the video midway before their secret was revealed to their parents and the public, the hacker had already played the same video in front of Susana’s husband Guero, whom he had abducted from his house earlier.

The plan was to turn Guero against the students and kill them for vengeance. As soon as Guero found out the truth, he ran after Sofia and Raul to kill them. Soon, the others arrived at the old warehouse, where Natalia attacks Guero from behind as he is knocked unconscious.

Sofia and her friends finally realised one thing: they cannot build their future while turning their back on the past. They had to confront it.

She led the group to confess their crimes and it was revealed that they were sent to the Juvenile Detention Center, similar to the one Gerry was sent to, while Damian was sent to prison.

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