Conner’s future plan in The Peripheral explained

Conner has decided to swerve his life into a radically different path that he intends to walk on for the rest of his days, a decision those close to him are not so sure about.

Conner is one of the more significant side characters in the cast of Prime Video’s ‘The Peripheral’. A triple amputee, the reason for his current state has been recently revealed in the show, and he hasn’t been made aware of it yet.

With the trajectory his character is headed in, though, it seems inevitable that he will confront the morally reprehensible truth behind his tragic state and when he does, there’s going to be a lot of bullets and blasts flying all across the future London.

Speaking of the aforementioned new trajectory, the character recently became vocal about his future plans regarding the way he’s going to live the rest of his life.

A permanent peripheral

In episode 6 of The Peripheral, Conner gets down to repair his bike, and looking at him having a difficult time, someone familiar calls Macon to lend him some help.

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Macon is the young computer wizard and brilliant hacker who works at Flynne’s 3D printing shop. Midway through the repair, Conner drops a bombshell when he expresses his wishes to live out the rest of his day in future London.

He asks Macon if there’s a time limit to using the headset. He then asks if he can set him up with a way wherein he logs into the headset and remains logged in permanently, living out the rest of his life as a Peripheral in future London while his real body survives in the past with the help of IV and Catheter.

Concerns of the loved ones

Macon expresses his hesitation and concerns about it, saying how the real body won’t be able to withstand it for long. It’s bound to give up after a point.

Conner cites the example of his previous experiences with IV and Catheter being the things that supported him as he lay unconscious following his accident.

The Peripheral conner and burton
Image source: Prime Video

He’s determined to live as a peripheral for the rest of his life and has made up his mind. Later on, Burton talks to him about his plans as well, expressing his hesitation and reluctance to the idea.

Knowing how stubborn Conner can be, and also seeing how happy he seems to be for the first time in a long while, Burton asks for some time to think about this decision of his. Meanwhile, he asks him to try out the new bionic limbs he’s got for him.

Moving forward and Conner’s future

The Peripheral has some significant stuff in store for the triple amputee. He has now logged into a peripheral — his own this time — and he’s here to stay, as he plans to live like this permanently.

Then there’s the secret behind his current, limbless state that is unbeknownst to him. His and the Fishers’ battle with Cherise, and therefore the Research Institute, is bound to have the secret getting revealed to him at a certain point.

The subsequent impact on the flow of action and storyline is bound to get chaotic, should a similar turn of events transpire. To comment on the specifics of such a turn of events at this point, however, would be purely speculative.

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