Christmas Full of Grace ending explained: Do Carlinhos and Graca end up together?

Christmas Full of Grace is a holiday rom-com revolving around Carlinhos and his impromptu encounter with a stranger named Graca that leads to them spending Christmas together with his uptight family. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Carlinhos feels severely overworked at his job and just wants to get through the Christmas time with his family. He’s hoping that he’ll have some good news to share as he plans to propose to his girlfriend of 10 years, Bebela.

When he gets home, however, he finds Bebela in the bathtub with another woman and he rushes out of there in a hurry. While trying to get away from his girlfriend who’s coming after him, he runs into a woman named Graca and knocks her over.

He helps her up and they head somewhere to recover from the fall. Graca says that she was supposed to spend Christmas with her family in Aspen but she got mugged and everything she had was stolen.

Carlinhos takes her to the police station where they tell them that since it’s the 23rd of December, they’re only focusing on emergencies as they are short-staffed.

Carlinhos’ driver reminds him that they have to head to his home for dinner with his grandmother, Lady Sofia. She’s extremely particular about punctuality so he can’t afford to be late.

He’s worried about the fact that he’ll have to tell his family that his girlfriend cheated on him but Graca suggests tagging along pretending to be his new girlfriend. Carlinhos isn’t sure about the idea but goes along with it anyway.

They arrive at this lavish mansion as Carlinhos introduces Graca to the rest of his family. Graca’s eccentric personality is a bit of a shock to the others except for Graca’s aunt, Milu and her boyfriend, popstar Bento Leao.

When Lady Sofia arrives, everyone goes quiet and pays attention. She tells them that due to her heart condition, she has to step down as the chairman of the board of their company and she will be choosing one of her family members to take over from her.

The main contenders are Carlinhos and his overcompetitive cousin brother, Pedro Alfonso. Graca struggles to fit in because she’s so different from everyone else there. She still manages to have her fair share of fun while getting everyone else to argue with each other.

Lady Sofia’s assistant Dona Francisca waits for Graca in her room and asks her why she’s truly there. Graca says that her father is Papa Noel and growing up she didn’t get a lot of attention around Christmas because her father had to take care of all the others.

After her father’s passing, she didn’t feel like spending Christmas alone so every Christmas she would find someone new and spend it with them and their family. She believes Carlinhos is a nice person who deserves to have a good Christmas.

The next day, Graca gets to know the family better and even plays a game of polo with them but one of her shots hits Lady Sofia and breaks her nose. She’s stressed out about ruining Carlinhos’ chances of being selected to take over so he takes her somewhere else to calm down.

They go to a nearby fair and Graca is so much happier to see everyone enjoying the Christmas spirit. They have a really nice time until Graca sees Rui, a guy she met at Christmas the previous year who became obsessed with her.

She grabs Carlinhos and runs away so that Rui can’t find them. After telling him that Rui is just a terrible person from her past, they get back to their night and go on a tour of the museum.

Before dinner, they have to attend a Christmas ball and Graca looks gorgeous in her fabulous red dress. She and Carlinhos share a dance together and then Graca asks the band to switch it up to something faster.

Lady Sofia shows up and scolds her for doing what she wants but Graca hits back and tells her that Christmas is all about enjoying the time with family and not being so restrictive. They all join in song before Lady Sofia announces that Carlinhos will take her seat as the chairman.

Christmas Full of Grace ending explained in detail:

Is Graca’s secret revealed?

Carlinhos tells Graca that he’s grown to like her a lot and the two share a kiss. Pedro Alfonso is jealous that Carlinhos was chosen and he tries to find out more about Graca when he overhears them talking about her ex who was at the fair.

Graca and Carlinhos spend the night together but Graca gets ready to leave the next morning as she had planned. Dona Francisca asks her to stay because she clearly likes Carlinhos and he likes her.

She stays but isn’t too sure about it. It’s time for secret Santa and Pedro Alfonso says that his gift is for Carlinhos. He says that Carlinhos is a chump who was duped by his girlfriend and brings out Rui who tells them all the truth about Graca.

Carlinhos tells Graca that he can’t trust her because he’s not sure what is true and false anymore and she gets angry at him for judging her so easily and leaves.

What about the company?

Carlinhos is miserable for the next few days as he actually fell in love with Graca but he let her slip through his fingers. Lady Sofia visits him at work and asks him to open the drawer on her desk.

Inside he finds documents of a count from Austria and Lady Sofia explains that to be eligible to marry his grandfather, she created an identity for herself that gave her the necessary pedigree.

She tells him that sometimes people lie because they have to but that shouldn’t take away from their character. Carlinhos realises that he needs to get Graca back but he also admits that he needs to quit the company because work has only ruined his health.

How does Carlinhos get Graca back?

Carlinhos gathers his family to find a way to get Graca back and Bento Leao suggests sending a message to her via the popstar’s ten million fans and followers on social media.

They begin a campaign by recording a video where he sings her favourite song and they also put up banners and give out fliers with Graca’s face on it. Graca tries to avoid this and books a bus ticket to a different city.

As she’s getting on the bus, she sees Lady Sofia waiting for her. Lady Sofia tells Graca that Carlinhos loves her and deserves another chance because he even agreed to quit the business for her.

She takes Graca to the beach festival that was organized for her and Carlinhos finally gets to tell her how he feels before they kiss and make up.

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