Choona summary and ending explained

Choona follows a group of men who all plan a heist as revenge against a tyrannical politician after realizing they’ve all been tormented by him. Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Power-hungry, tyrannical, and a man of many superstitions, Shukla is a politician who plots to topple the government and become the Chief Minister himself. Meanwhile, two luckless strangers find a common enemy in Shukla.

They hatch a plan after creating a team, now including a bumbling cop and a con man, to steal Shukla’s ill-gotten cash as their revenge against him.

The team includes Ansari the goon, his childhood friend Baankey, jobless contractor J.P. Yadav, and thief-cum-con-man Triloki. Later, they’re joined by Pandit Ji who was presumably dead, thanks to Shukla, but saved by his mute brother-in-law Bishnu, who also seeks revenge.

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Ansari springs into action when a fire breaks out in Pathaani Tola, the locality he lives in. Shukla seeks to drive a wedge between Ansari and Baankey by disclosing to the latter that his best friend and his sister Bela are having an affair.

Ansari and Baankey have one of their usual fights. Meanwhile, Bela is abducted by Ansari’s enemies Mintu and Arunoday. She escapes to her freedom, shooting her way out, while Ansari and Baankey arrive later and cause a ruckus.

Triloki begins his part and edges closer to Shukla while disguised as Choona Maharaj, an all-knowing mystical astrologer and seer. Meanwhile, Ansari brings some changes to the plan after learning big news, which leads to a crisis in the group.

The plan is set in motion as the day of the robbery arrives but the group seems to be failing even before the actual act arrives. However, the situation is somehow salvaged through chances, daring acts, and miracles.

The group escapes with the loot, as they explain to Shukla how they pulled off the heist and why they did it on a video call.

Shukla loses most of his wealth and assets and after spending some days in the VIP cell, he heads off to his birthplace with a new horoscope-informed and calculated plan. The group enjoys their spoils as Choona Season 1 concludes.

Choona ending explained in detail:

How does Pandit Ji survive?

Pandit Ramacharya Upadhyaya excels at astrology and he also serves as the chief astrologer and priest for all things auspicious for Shukla.

Shukla is an expert of astrology himself and yet Pandit Ji is a bit too knowledgeable. However, when he learns that Pandit Ji is also serving as an astrological advisor to the Chief Minister as well, he gets Madan Singh to kill him.

Before he would have dropped Pandit Ji off at his home, Madan Singh dropped him off a bridge after shooting him. However, he’s saved by Bishnu, who has caught on to Shukla’s wish to have Pandit Ji killed.

He then follows Madan Singh’s car and after he goes away, he goes down to the river and drags Pandit Ji’s body to the shore, before resuscitating him and saving him from death. This marks one of the biggest plot twists in Choona season 1.

Why does Bishnu seek revenge against Shukla?

Bishnu is introduced at the start of Choona as a very loyal subject of Shukla and his most trusted one as well. He is a mute who can still hear and later, it’s revealed that he’s Shukla’s brother-in-law and that he had regained his voice some time ago.

Bishnu’s mother-like sister was married to Shukla when he was an up-and-coming gangster just entering politics. His horoscope had entailed danger from his child in the future so when he learned that his wife was pregnant, he killed her by poisoning her food.

Bishnu loses his voice as a result of the trauma he got from his sister’s death. Meanwhile, Shukla took pity on him strangely and took the little brother-in-law to the city with him. As he grew up, Bishnu came to manage all of Shukla’s businesses, house, and party office.

He becomes Shukla’s most trusted guy who he relies on heavily for things to keep functioning properly.

Meanwhile, for twenty years, he’s also been looking for an opportunity to exact his vengeance upon Shukla for what he did to his sister. His role in the grand revenge heist of Choona is possibly the most important one.

Do Ansari and Bela get married?

Bela was the one who first fell in love with Ansari, who had seen her like a sister until one day she bravely flirted with him and made things obvious to him.

The two got into a secret relationship which they kept a secret from her brother and Ansari’s childhood best friend Baankey. Their truth is revealed to the policeman by none other than his enemy Shukla.

Baankey does eventually come around to their relationship, as he doesn’t really show it but feels happy and giddy about becoming an uncle soon. Bela’s pregnancy is not all glitter and gold for her.

In fact, she considers abortion as well, because she doesn’t really have much confidence in Ansari being serious about their relationship. He does show the most love and care for Bela and their unborn child, though.

Later on, because Shukla promises Bela’s safety, he even decides to shake hands with him, even if it’s mostly for the cameras. He later resurfaces and is instrumental in the main act of robbery.

When he goes to Bela, celebrating their success and with the proposal of marriage, she reveals that she doesn’t want to marry him. He asks why and she says that it’s because he doesn’t want to be a father as much as he wants to become the Chief Minister.

He wants to say a lot and express what he longs for but eats his own words, as Bela walks away. So before Choona season 1 rolls the credits, Ansari and Bela have actually drifted apart.

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