Charlie’s lifetime in Seasons explained

In Seasons, for years, Charlie has been following her mother’s words and searching for her lifetime, the man who will be her forever. 

According to Charlie’s mother, Charlie is going to meet three kinds of men in this world. The first is a season, the man who shows up on special occasions and goes away. The second is a reason, who teaches you valuable lessons. The third and last is a lifetime, the man who will be her forever.

Charlie is looking for her lifetime. She maintains a book named “Charlie’s Search for Her Lifetime”, in which she has kept pictures with her boyfriends. She has arranged and put her boyfriends under one of these three categories and written why they are in this particular category.

Charlie has dated several boys, hoping one of them is her lifetime, unaware that he is right in front of her eyes; she is just not looking at him.

Charlie’s hunt for her lifetime

In 2019, Charlie dates a model who gets overwhelmed by her efforts to make their relationship work. While breaking up, he admits that their relationship was never going to get serious.

Charlie puts him in the category of the season because she dated him to have someone by her side on Valentine’s Day. Kurt’s favorite that Charlie has dated is Jonas.

Jonas is the first boy Charlie ever dated during school. He was Charlie’s first in a lot of things. However, he forgot about her after two summers and got someone else pregnant, leaving Charlie heartbroken.

Charlie's lifetime in Seasons explained 1
Charlie’s personal book dedicated to her search for her lifetime

Then, in 2015, she dated Tuneng, with whom she got intimate on the beach. She spent the following summer looking for Tuneng with Kurt.

Charlie’s boss falls into the category of reason. He was married, and Charlie realized it was a mistake to fall for her boss when his wife came to the office to find them together.

Charlie also dated a boy named Alab. She genuinely thought he is going to be her lifetime, but Alab cared more about his lifestyle and image. Just for Alab, Charlie went vegan, but he refrained from getting intimate with her, forcing Charlie to let him go.

Does Charlie ever find her lifetime?

When Kurt gets lost dating Jane, Charlie starts longing for her best friend, who won’t reply to her texts and calls or meet like he did before. She soon realizes that she is in love with Kurt and that he is her lifetime.

To convince Kurt that she is his lifetime too, she throws several lies at him to stall his engagement with Jane. Kurt finally cuts Charlie out of his life the moment he learns the truth.

Three years later, the two make up. However, Kurt gets married to a woman named Bianca, and Charlie accepts the outcome as his best friend and lets her lifetime partner go.

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