Chaim: The Idol character explained

In The Idol, Chaim, played by Hank Azaria, is Jocelyn’s manager who tries to be a father figure to her after her mother’s death. 

As Jocelyn’s manager, Chaim supports her and is there for her when she loses her mother. When she works on her new album, he is sympathetic toward her and tries to help her as much as he can because he knows that things have not been easy for her lately.

The supportive father figure

Chaim saw Jocelyn perform for the first time when she was 11 years old. Jocelyn was so good that the audience made her sing the song again. Chaim claims that he has never seen anything like that in his life.

Chaim still believes that Jocelyn has a gift, and he does not hesitate to tell her that he believes in her whenever she needs reassurance. When Nikki harshly rejects her remix, Chaim goes to comfort Jocelyn.

He does not just care about her work as an artist but also about her. He and Destiny know that Jocelyn only has them now and that they must play the part of her parents, which is why they get a background check done on Tedros.

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Additionally, when Jocelyn’s private photograph gets leaked, apart from doing damage control, Chaim is ready to kill the person who leaked it. He does whatever he can to make things easy for her, even if that means locking the intimacy coordinator in the bathroom for hours.

The Idol Chaim
Chaim locks the intimacy coordinator in the bathroom when Jocelyn asks him to get rid of him

Chaim has to find a way to maintain Jocelyn’s public image and get Jocelyn to keep making music without breaking down. Although Chaim understands Jocelyn’s pain of losing her mother, he has to push her at times so that she does not lose everything.

When Jocelyn has a hard time shooting for her music video and keeps crying, Chaim encourages her to do her best and even consoles her, but as her manager, he also has to tell her the truth, no matter how it affects her. 

He tells her that she must perform and prove to people that she is a reliable celebrity or she will have a lot to lose. When Jocelyn fails to shoot the music video, he has to tell her that she cannot let people see her breaking down like that, as it is not good for her career. 

Jocelyn wants to be an artist who will be remembered forever, but Chaim points out that she is not giving him any alternatives to the commercial songs that she does not want to sing. She is practically broke and still not focused.

He has been covering half the mortgage, and he cannot do that anymore if she does not make any music. When she asks him not to give up on her because her art is the only thing she has, he decides to continue standing by her for now.

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