CAT ending explained: Is Gurnam dead or alive?

‘CAT’ is a show that follows Gurnam Singh, a man who worked as an informant for the police in the 1990s. Years later, he agrees to go undercover once again to bring down a powerful politician. ‘CAT’ is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In the Punjab of the 1990s, a young boy, Gurnam Singh, previously known as Gary, helps the police take down a group of secessionists by working as CAT, a civilian informer. 

It is revealed that Gurnam had witnessed his parents’ death. Believing his uncle and another man to be the murderers, Gurnam killed his uncle and escaped. 

He was offered shelter by the said secessionist group, but he got caught by Sehtab Singh, a police inspector, who convinced him to become an informant for the police and help them take down the group.

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While the police deal with the group, Gurnam comes across the man who was with his uncle on the night his parents died.

Sehtab later assures Gurnam that he has killed that man, and Gurnam starts his life afresh with his siblings.

In 2006, there are two rival politicians, Pradhan Jaggi and Madam Aulakh, who sell drugs in Sialgarh. The corrupt police force of the city works for Madam Aulakh, who aims to win the upcoming Assembly elections.

Sehtab is older now and will be retiring in a few months. He seeks to get richer before that. 

He secretly switches sides and decides to work for Pradhan Jaggi, who promises to reward him handsomely. To bring down Madam Aulakh, he wants to send Gurnam to infiltrate her inner circle.

When Gurnam’s younger brother, Sunny, is arrested for dealing drugs, he agrees to work as CAT for Sehtab in exchange for Sunny’s release.

Apart from Sehtab, two other officers are aware of the plan — Chandan Kumar, a corrupt officer, and an honest officer, Babita, who is supposed to be their scapegoat in case things go south.

Gurnam befriends Laadi, one of Madam Aulakh’s trusted men, after saving his life. He develops a close friendship with him and successfully infiltrates Madam’s circle.

Mukhtyar, who is later revealed to be Gurnam’s cousin, gets drugs from Pakistan and sells them to Laadi. He is eventually arrested as a result of Gurnam’s efforts.

When Laadi discovers Gurnam’s true intentions, Gurnam kills him without a second thought and takes his position in Madam’s circle.

The STF also gets involved in the mess. An STF officer, who is after Laadi, gets killed by Sehtab. It is Madam Aulakh who is framed for the officer’s death. 

Gurnam rises through the ranks, and his character changes. He turns into a ruthless man; he has no problem killing and manipulating others.

When Madam Aulakh’s daughter, Kimi, falls for a pop star, Rocky, it is revealed that they are half-siblings. Years ago, Madam Aulakh had to kill her abusive husband to save Rocky’s mother.

After her husband’s death, Madam Aulakh took over his position. She became a powerful politician and criminal with the help of her most trusted man, Shamsher.

Meanwhile, Sunny’s girlfriend gets them involved with drug dealers to save enough money to move to Canada. 

Sunny gets betrayed by his girlfriend; she takes all their money and leaves the country. He is then admitted to the hospital after overdosing on drugs. 

Gurnam finds out about Sunny’s condition and sends him to Canada with Sehtab’s help. With Sunny safe, Gurnam starts taking bigger risks.

Almost like a puppeteer, he pulls the strings and creates a rift between Shamsher and his son, Monty. Gurnam takes Monty’s place, but he does not stop there.

Mukhtyar gets released from prison. He spies on Gurnam and reveals his true identity to Shamsher. 

However, Sehtab manages to trick Shamsher and then kill him; he gets away with the murder by calling it a suicide. On the other hand, Gurnam lets Mukhtyar’s tortured wife and mistress kill him.

With Shamsher out of the picture, Gurnam becomes Madam Aulakh’s right-hand man. She trusts him enough to ask him to marry her daughter and makes him in charge of all her illegal wealth.  

At Sehtab’s insistence, Mr. Bill, also known as Gajjan Singh Billan, Madam Aulakh’s dealer from Canada, agrees to side with Pradhan Jaggi but only once Madam is dead.

Sehtab lies to Gurnam and tells him that he will arrest Madam Aulakh when she is caught making a deal with Mr. Bill. Gurnam reaches the designated place with Madam.

Monty unexpectedly arrives there and reveals Gurnam’s secret. Madam Aulakh threatens him at gunpoint, but she and Monty are both killed by Sehtab.

Sehtab assures Gurnam that they have completed the mission and put an end to Madam’s criminal activities. However, Gurnam realizes that the nightmare is far from over.

CAT ending explained:

What makes Gurnam switch sides?

After Madam Aulakh’s death, Gurnam sees Mr. Bill with Sehtab. Gurnam recognizes him as the man who killed his parents with his uncle. 

He tries to shoot him, but Sehtab saves Mr. Bill. Gurnam manages to escape, but Sehtab pins Madam’s murder on him, making him a wanted criminal.

Gurnam, to punish his parents’ murderer, starts working against the police.

Why does Babita help Gurnam?

Babita realizes that Sehtab and Chandan have been deceiving her; they are corrupt officers who were never concerned with putting an end to crimes.

They threaten to throw her under the bus if she speaks out against them to save Gurnam. Despite knowing everything, Babita is forced to do as they say and work with them.

However, Gurnam finds Babita, who is plagued by a guilty conscience, and they join forces to catch Mr. Bill.

Who killed Gurnam’s parents?

With Babita’s help, Gurnam is able to track Mr. Bill down. He tells Gurnam that it was Sehtab who killed his father. 

The night his parents died, Gurnam’s father called Sehtab to arrest Gurnam’s uncle and Mr. Bill when they were getting supplies from Pakistan.

However, when Mr. Bill offered to bribe Sehtab, he killed Gurnam’s father and let Mr. Bill and Gurnam’s uncle go. 

Sehtab later helped Mr. Bill get a new identity and escape the country. He also lied to a young Gurnam about Mr. Bill’s death.

After confessing the truth about the death of Gurnam’s parents, Mr. Bill manages to escape.

How does Sehtab catch Gurnam?

Sehtab asks Mr. Bill to send his goons in Canada to Sunny. Gurnam is forced to meet him unarmed when his brother’s safety is at stake.

Sehtab asks Chandan to arrest Gurnam. He also tells Gurnam that he is moving to Canada with all the money he has received from Pradhan Jaggi.

Does Gurnam die?

Before boarding his flight, Sehtab is informed by Chandan that Gurnam has died in an accident.

However, it turns out that Chandan never arrested Gurnam as he was offered money by him in exchange for his freedom. 

Together, they stage Gurnam’s death. In the end, Gurnam is seen illegally crossing the border and going to Pakistan with a new identity and a different appearance.

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