Caroline: Sex/Life character explained

In the first season of the show, Caroline seems to be the exact opposite of Billie, but in the second season, it is revealed that it might not be entirely true, as she has secrets of her own. In Sex/Life, Caroline is played by Meghan Heffern.

In the first season of Sex/Life, Caroline is introduced as a part of the circle of women whose husbands know each other, whose children go to the same school, and who lead the same picture-perfect lives.

Caroline seems to be an ordinary woman who has nothing special about her character. However, that changes in the second season, where it is revealed that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Befriending Billie

Caroline looks like a typical suburban woman who plays the part of a dedicated mother and a woman completely devoted to her family. She is the woman that Billie tries to be but fails because, for her, life is more complicated.

In the first season, Caroline tries to relentlessly befriend Billie in several ways. She offers to be her friend and help her time and time again, but Billie never opens up to her.

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Caroline’s daughter, Hannah, goes to the same preschool as Hudson, Billie’s son. Even when she dedicates her whole day to her daughter at home, Caroline seems too eager to spend the day with her daughter at her school as well to see what she does there.

One day, when Caroline organizes a playdate for their children after school and a shopping day with the other mothers, Billie has no choice but to finally agree to spend the day with them.

The day does not go as planned, as Billie ends up admitting to them the crisis that she is facing, but like always, at the end of it, Caroline offers her help, and the rest of the group makes her feel better by being there for her.

However, Caroline is also a prude, so when Trina lies to her about Billie taking her to an indecent party, she distances herself from Billie; she does not even let Hannah play with Hudson.

Apart from making her feel excluded, she judges Billie and blames her for everything that went wrong between Dev and Cooper.

Billie eventually stands up for herself, and it is implied that Billie’s actions have been scaring Caroline, who does not want to think about her life and whether she has settled for something.

While Caroline vehemently insists that she is happy in her life and loves it, it is evident that she is scared of questioning her life. Eventually, things get better between Billie and Caroline.

Caroline’s secret

In the second season, Caroline refers to Billie and Trina as her best friends and wants to take them to the spa for her birthday. She also wants to take them there because she wants them to sort out their differences instead of avoiding each other.

SexLife Caroline
Caroline takes her friends to the spa on her birthday

Caroline also tells Billie about Brad’s lawsuit, and unlike before, she is interested in knowing more about their relationship. The biggest difference in Caroline is seen when Trina complains to her about her favorite masseur, Sven.

Sven tried to touch Trina inappropriately, but Caroline begged her not to report it, as she has been secretly having a sexual relationship with Sven. Caroline assumed that he reserved that special treatment for her.

Caroline admits that she started questioning her life, as she has been inspired by Billie. She is still happy in her marriage and loves her husband, Jeffrey, but she does not enjoy her physical relationship with him.

She is no longer a prude, and she does not want to lose what she has going on with Sven. She requests Trina not to ruin this for her by reporting him, and Trina agrees.

It is later seen that she is happy with her family, but at the same time, she continues to meet Sven regularly.

In the second season, Caroline sheds her holier-than-thou attitude. She accepts her desires and praises Billie for the choices that she has made instead of judging Billie; her character acquires more shades.

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