Carol: High Desert character explained

Carol is a close friend to Peggy who is always there to lend a hand or an ear whenever Peggy needs it. The character is portrayed by Weruche Opia.

There isn’t much revealed about how Carol and Peggy became friends but they do appear to be there for each other whenever it is required. Carol’s paranoia makes her believe that she’s being followed by an FBI agent and she calls Peggy in a panic.

Once Peggy proves that it’s all in her head, they sit down for a drink as Peggy shares how her siblings are trying to force her out of their late mother’s home. Carol also has issues to deal with as her stepdaughter Cooper is constantly disrespecting her.

Despite her unruly behavior, Carol is patient toward Cooper and doesn’t scold or discipline her even when she catches her red-handed. Carol is the one who confirms that Rosalyn’s doppelganger, Ginger, actually exists and suggests Peggy work with Ginger to get over her mommy issues.

When Denny gets out of prison, Carol is the voice of reason who tells Peggy that he isn’t good for her and that she’s better off staying away from him.

Investigator by proxy

Carol proves to be quite the investigator after Peggy joins up with Bruce and begins digging into Guru Bob and the disappearance of Dona Scarborough.

Carol: High Desert character explained 1
Carol and Peggy are quite the investigative duo

She opts to attend the P.I. classes in Peggy’s place after Peggy walks out of the first one without revealing who she is. Using everything that she learns, Carol is constantly providing information to Peggy to help her with her case.

She’s the one who uncovers that Dona was connected to the Gattchi Mafia family and shows Peggy the video of Bob’s meltdown on television.

Later on, when Bruce gives Peggy an actual case to find out whether someone’s spouse is cheating on them, Peggy pawns it off to Carol. She gets results quite easily with the help of Cooper, who captures concrete evidence of the infidelity.

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