Captain Fall summary and ending explained

Captain Fall is an adult animated series about a criminal cartel that hires a really gullible man to be the captain of their cruise ship where they conduct illegal business. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

A squad of special agents takes down the captain of a cruise ship for involvement in smuggling and other illegal activities and while he claims his innocence, his crew seems to be aware of the truth.

The agents are all celebrating their victory but one of them, Agent Steel, questions whether the captain is just a patsy for an even bigger conspiracy.

When the captain commits suicide in his jail cell, the case is closed but Agent Steel isn’t ready to let it go just yet.

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Jonathan Fall comes from a family of naval officers but he’s at the absolute bottom of his class. He has no career prospects and his parents and older brother treat him like an outsider.

The owner of the cruise ship, MR. Tyrant, orders his crew to find a new captain who is totally gullible and can be the perfect fall guy in case they fell into trouble again.

Two of the high-ranking crew members, Liza and Pedro, find Jonathan’s name at a recruitment agency and realize that he’s perfect for the job. Jonathan becomes the captain of the Carribean Queen, taking passengers on cruises while the crew uses it as cover.

Pedro takes Jonathan out and about in Rio during his first day as captain but they run into some muggers and Pedro mercilessly murders the three men right in front of Jonathan’s eyes.

The captain is left shaken and Liza has to calm him down using her charm and powers of seduction. While Jonathan tries to get the hang of being a captain of a cruiseliner, the crew smuggles humans, drugs, and radioactive material across the country.

Jonathan’s brother, Tanner, loses his job as a captain after constantly sexually harassing his crew. Agent Steel comes across a slew of deaths thanks to an illegal erectile medication made from tiger DNA.

He follows the leads to locate the source of the drugs but ends up releasing a horde of violent animals out into the city and becoming an embarrassment to the force.

Liza has to continue pretending to be attracted to Jonathan while they are on the ship together but she and the other crew members do develop a slight fondness for him over time.

She travels with him back home during their vacation and sees firsthand how harshly Jonathan is treated by his family. When Tanner behaves inappropriately with Liza, she threatens him to be good to Jonathan or be sliced up into pieces by her.

He later overhears her talking to Pedro and admitting that Jonathan is just a means to a cause and his gullibility allows them to get away with practically anything.

Agent Steel sees a poster for a singles cruise with a picture of Jonathan, Liza, and Pedro in front of the ship. Also in the picture are people loading crates of the tiger medicine and Agent Steel realizes that it is the same ship from before.

Captain Fall ending explained in detail:

What is the singles cruise for?

Liza, Pedro, and Nico are quite excited about the singles-only cruise because they always use the opportunity to sleep with as many people as they possibly can.

They even have a designated room for it and Pedro and Nico are up all night but Liza has to spend time with Jonathan and misses out.

The real reason they are holding the cruise is because a Sheikh picks out his latest wife to add to his harem. While the singles are partying, they knock everyone out and let the Sheikh choose his favorite to take away.

What does Jonathan do during the party?

Liza is excited to fool around with the good-looking men at the party but Jonathan announces that she is his girlfriend to everyone on board and makes a big show of it.

He arranges a candlelit dinner for the two of them much like in ‘Lady and the Tramp’ so that they can have a romantic night together. He joins in on the party later on and is knocked out along with the rest of the crowd.

When he wakes up again, he feels dizzy and goes out to find Agent Steel ready to jump off.

What does Agent Steel find?

Agent Steel sneaks onboard and gathers evidence of all the illegal activities that are taking place on the ship. He eventually finds his way to the command center and gets his hands on a file with Jonathan’s name on it and all the evidence against him inside.

He grabs it and heads out where the Sheikh is busy collecting his new wife. Steel gets more pictures of the exchange and when the coast is clear, he gets ready to head out.

Jonathan runs into him and tells him that it would be dangerous to dive at night. Steel believes that Jonathan is the mastermind behind everything and calls him an evil person before jumping off with tons of evidence with him.

Liza sees Steel on the security cameras and alerts the others but they don’t get there in time.

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