Camille Lavigne: Wellmania character explained

In Wellmania, Liv meets Camille Lavigne, hoping to get a major scoop, but she ends up facing her own worst fears instead. Camille is played by Miranda Otto.

In order to become the judge of a cooking show, Liv needs to write something that will raise her profile globally and bring her to the notice of the show’s executives. Liv comes up with a few ideas, but none of them work.

Eventually, Amy asks her to write a profile on Camille Lavigne, an internationally renowned sex and self-empowerment guru. Camille is an elusive French woman who never lets anyone write a profile on her.

There are a lot of rumors about her life, but no one knows much about her. If Liv writes about her personal life, she will get the popularity that she needs.

Liv’s plan

Liv convinces Amy’s boss, Helen, to let her write for their paper, The Standard. Once she gets Helen’s approval, she, along with Amy, attends Camille’s seminar on her new book, Bare Yourself.

Wellmania Camille
Camille at the seminar

At the seminar, Camille asks her audience not to conform and allow their sexuality to influence their decision-making. She also asks them to expose themselves and be vulnerable. She ends the seminar by shedding her clothes and baring herself to her audience.

Liv has the last interview slot with Camille after the seminar, and her plan is to take her out for drinks, as she does with the other celebrities, to get her to open up about her life. Liv usually manipulates celebrities by giving them what they want.

Wellmania Camille
Liv breaks into Camille’s hotel room

Unfortunately, Camille cancels all the appointments, and Liv finds out that Camille does this very often. Liv does not give up and breaks into her hotel room. She meets Camille and tries to sweet-talk her into letting her write a profile on her.

However, Camille knows what she is trying to do, and Liv’s plan to get her drunk to make her talk about her life fails miserably.

The workshop

Liv goes to see Camille again at the Be Well Center, where she is holding private sessions with people. Liv admits to her that she has not been sincere with her and tells her the whole truth about writing a profile on her.

When Camille still refuses to let her write the profile and Liv accuses her of hiding her true self, Camille asks Liv to participate in the Bare Yourself Intensive workshop with her to see who is hiding what.

The two women need to take off their clothes for the workshop to be vulnerable. Liv agrees to her demands and is asked to listen to her inner voice during the workshop. Liv eventually hears the sound of the waves and the ocean.

She tells Camille that she wants to run away from it because it scares her. Liv’s worst fear is messing up and letting people down. It is later revealed that she messed up, and her father died on the beach.

Camille’s true identity

Camille acts as a guide and helps people open up about their fears. She tells Liv that acknowledging one’s fears is hard, and understanding them after that acknowledgment takes time.

Liv runs away from things because she does not know who she is if not the life of the party, which has negatively impacted her health. Liv is scared that her real self would disappoint people.

Liv opens up to Camille

Camille understands her, as it turns out that she has also been hiding her true self. Camille is not French; she is an Australian woman whose real name is Karen.

She tried publishing a book on sex psychology under her real name, but the sales were so bad that she decided to adopt this new identity.

She realized that people did not want to hear from Karen, even though she had two psychology degrees; they wanted to learn from a European woman. Now, she uses Camille’s name to help people on the basis of her ideas and research.

She tells Liv that Camille is her inner voice, and Camille is way more powerful than Karen ever was. She knows that her truth will come out someday, but she will face that fear when it does. Until then, she will use Camille to help more people.

Liv notices that Camille impacts a lot of people and gives them confidence. Amy uses her advice to do something about her stale marriage, and Liv gets the strength to be honest with Isaac.

Instead of exposing Camille’s true identity, Liv writes a bold article about her workshop with Camille. She writes about her worst fears and bares her soul for the world to see. With Camille’s help, Liv understands herself better.

The article gains her the recognition that she needed, but she loses her best friend in the process, as she chooses to mention Amy’s personal problems in the article without her consent.

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