Camila Román: Fake Profile character explained

Camila Román is one of the primary protagonists in Netflix’s scandalous romantic thriller series, Fake Profile.

Camila has a troubled past and her luck with men, much like her mother, is really terrible. And when she does seem to stumble upon a catch, her heart flutters still for the bad boy who broke it the last time they were together.

There are motivations, dire and transient, that drive Camila to commit drastic things but her moral compass is much sturdier than some of the other people in the story.

Cabaret Camila

Camila is a cabaret dancer at the Golden Lips Club in Las Vegas. She is quite the star there and her dancer name is Red Velvet. Laced with the beauty and charms, it’s rather easy for others to feel attracted to her immediately.

However, behind the glitz and the glitter, Camila hard working woman who has been through her fair share of troubles. Before she finds the perfect man of her dreams on a dating app, she was in a relationship with a man named Vicente.

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During this relationship, she had to be hospitalized twice due to the abuse that Vicente subjected her to. It was the time when she got knocked out before getting hospitalized that the police were involved and she got a restraining order against him.

Despite the restraining order, Vicente continues to trouble her and approach her, even traveling to Colombia to get her back. It is only in death that he stops chasing after Camila.

Why does she go to Cartagena?

Camila gets conned by Miguel Estévez, a handsome man who claims to be Dr. Fernando Castell on the dating app. The sexual chemistry between him and Camila is through the roof the first time they meet.

She later admits to her friends that the sex with Fernando was the first time she has achieved orgasm. They will go on to enjoy their time together for four months after they start dating. However, Fernando would one day just disappear out of nowhere.

Believing his story of tending to his injured sister, Camila is shocked to learn that everything he said to her was a lie and he’s not even Fernando Castell, but Miguel Estévez. She is told all of this by a woman named Tina, who’s the assistant of Pedro, Miguel’s father-in-law.

Pedro Fake Profile
Image source: Netflix

Tina offers her $200,000 to travel to Cartagena and make sure that Miguel cheated on her. Camila goes, and with the help of David, who pretends to be her husband, starts living as a neighbor of Miguel and his family. Despite getting her heart broken by him, she continues hooking up with Miguel, as their chemistry is undeniable and relentless.

Later, Pedro tasks her with making sure that Miguel divorces Ángela and disappears, meaning he stays as far away from his children as possible. However, Camila’s heart can’t allow for it to happen and she’s tired of the charades, so she goes to confess the truth to Ángela, but it goes horribly awry.

Camila’s motivations

One primary motivation that drives Camila amidst high-stakes situations and events is money. However, she doesn’t want this money for herself as much as she needs it for someone close to her.

This special someone is her mother, who used to be married to an abusive husband, who also occasionally beat up Camila. One day, before he could lay his hands on the daughter, her mother killed the father.

As a result, she was arrested and put in prison. From that day, Camila decided to get her mother out of jail to afford a lawyer, she’d need money, which she doesn’t have since their economic condition was poor, to begin with. As she grows up, she is raised by her grandmother while she tries her hardest to make enough money so she can get her mother released.

By the end of Fake Profile, she has enough funds to do just that, and as she resumes her job at the Golden Lips, her mother, now out and about, attends her daughter’s show and looks on at her daughter with pride.

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