Captain Cade Grant: Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F character explained

In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, Cade Grant, a corrupt police officer, is the main antagonist. Kevin Bacon plays Captain Grant.

Cade Grant used to be an honest detective in Beverly Hills. He even got shot while on duty, for which he only received a ribbon in appreciation. 

He soon became disillusioned with his job when he realized that he was risking his life but was not even being paid enough to afford living in the city.

Grant then started working with a drug cartel, protecting their interests while remaining in the police force, which allowed him to make much more money than before. 

Although Grant became rich, he lost his family; his wife divorced him, and his children refused to talk to him.

Copeland’s murder

Grant is no longer a detective; he now runs the interdepartmental narcotics task force. He is also one of the top executives of the cartel. 

He works closely with other corrupt officers, like Copeland, to prevent the police from interfering with the cartel’s activities.

When Billy arrested a few members of the cartel’s kill crew for possession of drugs, Grant, who was the case supervisor, switched the evidence.

Billy had to let the criminals go and drop all charges against them due to a lack of evidence, but he knew that it was Copeland who tampered with the evidence. 

No one believed Billy’s claims, leading him to quit his job and investigate Grant’s association with the cartel as a private investigator.

Copeland, who was working undercover, no longer wished to be corrupt. He wanted to take down the cartel, so he started talking to Billy. 

Grant found out about Copeland’s betrayal and had him killed. He framed a boy named Sam Enriquez for the murder, unaware that a hidden camera in Copeland’s car captured the crime.

As Jane decides to take Sam’s case, Grant sends his goons to threaten her, and he has Billy kidnapped because Billy finds the camera in Copeland’s car.

Abuse of power

Chief Taggart trusts Grant, believing him to be a good policeman. However, Axel suspects Grant from the very beginning due to his opulent lifestyle. 

While investigating Billy’s disappearance and Jane’s case, Axel and Jane find out that Grant sent goons to tail them and search Billy’s office. 

Grant lies and claims that he did not do that through legal means because he is under pressure from the higher-ups to exonerate Copeland.

Grant knows that Jane and Axel suspect him, but he is not worried. He is a powerful and dangerous man who can easily have them killed. 

When Axel and Bobby find out the entire truth about Copeland’s death, Grant frames them for possessing drugs and has them arrested. 

Beverly Hills Cop Axel F Cade Grant
Grant frames Axel

Axel and Bobby manage to escape, which leads to Grant kidnapping Jane. He now plans to kill all of them and close Copeland’s case.

Grant shoots Axel when he comes to rescue Jane, which leads to Bobby killing him. With the help of the evidence that Billy possesses, Jane is able to prove Sam’s innocence and Grant’s guilt.

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