Butterfly: All-Time High character explained

In All-Time High, Butterfly runs a place in Belleville where people gamble. Youssef and his friend Zak come there to earn some money and leave after putting themselves on notice.

Butterfly is feared by everyone who works for him. He is skilled with knives and doesn’t feel for others’ emotions. He is also willing to kill his own family if required. His cousin says that Butterfly will stab him with his knife one day, as he can’t handle it.

Zak goes to Butterfly’s to make some money, and Youssef joins him in hopes of earning back the money that he lost while pulling off a scam. He needs that money because his girlfriend expects him to arrange an expensive bag for her mother on her birthday.

Youssef loses all of his money to a woman named Stéphanie and leaves the place, fighting everyone. He even gets into a fight with Butterfly while escaping.

Butterfly’s fate at the end of the film

Butterfly hunts for Stéphanie after learning that she cheated at poker. While Stéphanie moves in with Youssef, Butterfly tracks Youssef down, who promises to pay Butterfly 300 grand in 10 days.

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Butterfly does wonder how Youssef is so confident about paying such an amount. They learn about Stéphanie’s cryptocurrency and that she is the same girl who cheated at their table.

Butterfly: All-Time High character explained 1
Butterfly threatens Youssef

Butterfly and his cousin find Stéphanie, who, along with Youssef, fights Butterfly and his goons. Butterfly even stabs his cousin accidentally during one of the struggles against Youssef and Stéphanie, just like his cousin had predicted.

In the end, Butterfly does get his hands on the drive that has Stéphanie’s crypto. Stéphanie reveals to Youssef that she never had any money. A severely injured Butterfly, who is riding a motorcycle, gets into an accident before finding out about it.

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