Bulbul Jauhari: Made In Heaven season 2 character explained

In Made In Heaven season 2, Bulbul Jauhari, Mr. Jauhari’s wife with a tragic past, comes to work at Made In Heaven as an auditor. Mona Singh plays the role of Bulbul Jauhari.

Mr. Jauhari believes that Made In Heaven needs an auditor and brings in his wife, Bulbul Jauhari. Tara and Karan do not want an auditor but are forced to cooperate with Bulbul, so Bulbul does not receive a warm welcome. 

Initially, no one gets along with her, as she starts reviewing expenses, interfering with the team’s work, and changing the way things function at the office. However, everyone soon realizes that Bulbul is a good person who means well.

Becoming part of the team

When Made In Heaven organizes the wedding of a supermodel and a life coach, Adhira and Anik, Bulbul is the only one who figures out that Anik abuses Adhira. She sees Adhira’s broken tooth, and that is all she needs to understand the nature of their relationship.

She shares her concerns with Tara and Karan, but they do not pay heed to her concerns. Anik gifting Adhira a beautiful home seems like a romantic gesture to everyone, but Bulbul knows better. She then tries to subtly warn Adhira about Anik’s intentions.

Later, when Anik hits Adhira a day before their wedding, everyone realizes that Bulbul was right all along and that they should have trusted her instinct. Tara even apologizes to her.

Tara, who is divorcing Adil, also asks her for the updated details of Khanna Infrasturctures’ company structure, as Bulbul is a businesswoman and a minor shareholder in Khanna Infrasturctures. Bulbul agrees to help Tara, who is then able to ask Adil for her share in the company.

Made In Heaven season 2 Bulbul
Bubul agrees to help Tara

Bulbul’s compassionate side is also seen when she catches Jazz lying to the families of brides and grooms and bringing foreigners to weddings, without Tara and Karan’s knowledge, to earn some extra cash.

Bulbul does not tell anyone anything when she hears Jazz’s reasons. In fact, she tries to help her do the same later. Soon, everyone warms up to her, and Bulbul becomes a part of the team in earnest.

Bulbul’s dreadful past

Bulbul’s older son, Dhruv, grows up to be a man Bulbul is ashamed of. He does not respect women, not even his own mother. Later, he, along with his friends, gets suspended from school for molesting a girl named Shruti.

Bulbul and Mr. Jauhari meet with the parents of Dhruv’s friends. While all the other parents blame the victim and accuse her of lying, Bulbul is the only one who sides with her. She tries to get to the truth, even if it will cost her son dearly.

Bulbul believes that her son and his friends are lying and forces her son to tell her the truth, even when Mr. Jauhari asks her to be calm and patient with Dhruv. When she does find out that Dhruv was lying, she realizes that not telling Dhruv about his father made him think the worst of her.

She finally tells her son that his father used to get drunk and abuse her frequently. None of his family members tried to stop him or help Bulbul when she had to go to the hospital with injuries. In fact, they all blamed her and accused her of provoking him.

Made In Heaven season 2 Bulbul
Bulbul tells Dhruv about his father’s death

One day, when he hurt Dhruv, Bulbul tried to threaten him with a knife. He did not stop even then, and Bulbul stabbed him. He died, and Bulbul took her son to Mr. Jauhari, who was their neighbor and often helped Bulbul.

Bulbul’s husband’s family once again blamed her and wanted to file a murder case against her, and it was Mr. Jauhari who saved her. As Bulbul has been a victim in the past, she refuses to see another woman, like Shruti, go through the same thing as her.

The truth about his mother’s past changes Dhruv. He comes clean to the police and goes to apologize to Shruti. He also starts respecting his mother and Mr. Jauhari. Bulbul prevents her son from becoming like his father and makes him a better man.

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