Bruce Harvey: High Desert character explained

Bruce Harvey is a private investigator who reluctantly agrees to employ Peggy Newman as his associate after she makes a very compelling case for herself. The character is played by Brad Garrett.

Peggy hears about Bruce Harvey from her colleague Jeannie, who paid him 300 dollars to find some dirt on her abusive partner but she hasn’t heard from him since.

She later sees an advertisement on television starring Bruce promoting Mustang College where they have classes that teach you how to be a private investigator.

She finds out where his office is and goes there to get Jeannie’s money back. What she finds is a man with tons of junk in his office and a constitution that clearly screams financial instability.

A promising hustle

Peggy considers herself a natural investigator and offers to bring in business for Bruce if he’s willing. She suggests becoming his intern or unpaid associate because she’s got an eye for detail and is looking for a job herself to get her siblings off her back.

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Bruce Harvey: High Desert character explained 1
Peggy wants to work for Bruce Harvey to solve both their problems

He reluctantly agrees after she keeps his landlord at bay even though he’s behind on his rent. The first case that Peggy brings to Bruce is the stolen painting in Guru Bob’s house that has a huge finder’s fee.

He urges her to go to PI class so that she can get a license and do things legally but Carol goes to the classes in Peggy’s name while Peggy learns on the job.

The more she digs into Guru Bob, the more dirt she uncovers like the mysterious cloud under which his wife disappeared but Bruce tells Peggy that the case is a lost cause as Bob’s wife chose to disappear and made sure she was thorough.

Peggy is determined to find her though, and in the process get Bruce Harvey back in the game as a respected P.I.

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