Brotherhood season 2 summary and ending explained

Season 2 of Brotherhood sees Gomes double down after hearing about Matos. Cristina convinces Darlene to try new tactics and then confronts her past as they plot to rip off the DA. The Brazillian crime series is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

Season 2 establishes that Cristina is pulled back into the criminal world despite her effort to pull away from it.

Brotherhood season 2 majorly focuses on the quarrel between Darlene and Cristina, who possess evidence against each other, yet they do not reveal it.

Meanwhile, in the prison, the new warden, Mauro Jordao, introduces Edson to the new secretary, Fernando Gomes, who was known for his brutal ways and corrupt methods.

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The government called in Gomes as they wanted to get rid of the Brotherhood, but he found a way to make the situation work for him.

Gomes made Edson an offer, where in exchange for 80 grand per month, no inmates would be harmed and peace would be maintained in the prison. Edson, aware of his past, refuses.

Gomes and Jordao start torturing Edson’s fellow inmates, coercing him into agreeing with the deal. However, Edson does not have the kind of money to keep up with the deal.

Zica, a former Brotherhood member, eavesdrops on Edson’s situation and takes it as an opportunity to get back into the gang. He informs them of half a ton of drugs lying in a police evidence room that was soon going to be incinerated.

While Cristina believes that she would finally get to live a peaceful life, she is pulled back by Edson with the request of gathering with Darlene and planning a heist.

Darlene agrees to the plan but also plans to kill Cristina soon after the heist. 

Things go south as the heist accomplishes getting only half a ton of the drugs. The drug dealer, Oseas, the lord of the Favela, who promised to buy the drugs from the gang, refuses to pay them until they bring the promised weight.

In the meantime, Edson and Ivan plan a prison breakout to run the faction from the outside after the death of their comrade, Scavenger.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Brotherhood season 2 ending explained in detail:

An escape plan

Inside the prison, Edson bribes some cops and, with the help of Zica, plans to leave the jail in a garbage truck along with his most loyal man, Ivan. 

This plan would have enraged Gomes, who would have acted out by massacring the entire gang. To control the situation Cristina and Darlene decide to blackmail Gomes by kidnapping his 14-year-old son, Antonio, who suffered from epilepsy.

Cristina makes it clear to Darlene that the plan to threaten Gomes using his ill son could complicate the situation further, but Darlene is ready to take the chance as she wants Edson out of prison.

Darlene ends up hitting Antonio on the head with a gun, which results in an uncontrollable seizure, leading up to his death.

As soon as Gomes finds out about Antonio’s death, he orders Mauro Jordao to shoot down all the Brotherhood members. 

Jordao only keeps Buri alive to interrogate him about Edson and Ivan’s whereabouts, who had already escaped prison in the garbage truck as per the plan.


Antonio’s death tormented Cristina as well, who finally blamed Darlene for it.  To protect herself, Darlene revealed to Edson that Cristina was the snitch in the gang, but Cristina had proof against Darlene that convinced Edson and others that it was indeed Darlene who told the police about Scavenger’s location.

Edson orders Bird to shoot Darlene while the police infiltrate their hideout. 

Firmino, the investigating officer, found out about their hideout from Marcel, who was done with the gang business and wanted to protect Cristina from it.

Cristina and Edson managed to escape the police raid. However, Edson was slowly becoming mentally unstable.

Edson felt guilty about Scavenger’s death and took things personally, due to which he lost his sense of the revolution and the real motive for which he started the Brotherhood.

In the battle against the system, Edson has lost all his close ones and sought revenge through the most violent means possible. He wanted to bomb the police station, but Cristina knew the consequences of this sort of attack and tries to persuade Edson and explain that his vengeance could lead to losing innocent lives.

To stop Edson, Cristina gives an anonymous tip to the police about his whereabouts, resulting in getting him caught by Gomes and his men. Edson causes an explosion, wherein Gomes and others believe he was killed in the blast.

Edson, however, does not die in that explosion. Instead, he becomes aware that the informant was his sister, Cristina. 

Edson, enraged by learning the truth, reached Cristina’s house to kill her. Marcel, who hides in the house, shoots him instead, finally, confirming Edson’s death.

Change in leadership

Cristina, who was in love with Ivan, asks him to run away with her, but he says that there is no way out. She ends up taking over the gang as she would be a better leader than Edson.

Since Cristina and Ivan would need a steady flow of income to keep the gang running, they decided to take over Oseas’s business and the Favela.

In the prison, Jordao releases Brui from the hole after Edson’s death. However, Zica takes over the gang from inside the prison and convinces everyone that Buri gave away Edson’s location to take revenge on Buri for a past rivalry.

The old gang that Edson founded died with him because Edson’s words and voice were the brotherhood’s command, but with his death, the gang has been renewed with new members who bring new ideologies to its operation.

Perhaps what Cristina tried to tell Edson was that a revolution is never about a single person but a group of people who are fighting for the cause. The cause is what keeps the rebellion alive, and it is the cause that helped them gain the support of the people of the Favela.

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