The story behind Giovanna’s bracelet in The Lying Life of Adults explained

The bracelet Giovanna received from her aunt became quite precious to her in ‘The Lying Life of Adults’. On their way to Milan, Giuliana tells Giovanna the story behind the bracelet and how it found its way to Vittoria.

On their very first meeting, Vittoria quickly asks Giovanna about the bracelet she gave her when she was born. Giovanna had never heard of such a thing. Vittoria claimed that she did send her a bracelet by mail.

She wanted Giovanna to wear it when she is older. The card she sent with the mail clearly read, ‘give it to her when she grows up’.

Though Giovanna thrived to learn more about this bracelet from her parents, they were pretty sure on their side that there is no bracelet. They say that Vittoria is lying.

Vittoria eventually comes across the bracelet she is talking about when she meets Costanza, who was wearing it. Vittoria told Giovanna’s mother, Nella, about it. The confrontation exposed a horrible truth.

It turns out that Giovanna’s father, Andre, was having an affair with Costanza, and he gifted that bracelet to her. Though Giovanna got her bracelet back, she was yet to learn more about the history it carried.

When Vittoria gave that bracelet to Giuliana, she revealed who the bracelet really belonged to.

The history around the bracelet

On their journey to Milan to meet Roberto, Giuliana tells Giovanna that Enzo gave this bracelet to Vitorria’s mother after stealing it from her grandmother, as in Margherita’s mother.

Giovanna wondered if Vittoria and Margherita know about this story, and Giuliana reveals that they do. Giuliana’s family didn’t have much money at home. Despite their condition, Enzo liked to show off with people he didn’t even know.

Margherita suffered a lot because of Enzo. When Giovanna added that Vittoria suffered as well, Giuliana corrected her by stating that Vittoria never suffers. She only hurt others.

The story behind Giovanna's bracelet in The Lying Life of Adults explained 1
Giovanna learns about the history of her bracelet

Giuliana calls this bracelet a reminder of those bad times they had to go through. Furthermore, she believes that this bracelet can bring bad luck to the person wearing it. Therefore, she feels anxious about having it around.

During their time in Milan, Giuliana grew insecure about her relationship with Roberto and lost the bracelet. Luckily, Roberto had it. Giovanna went back to Milan, all alone, and retrieved the bracelet.

Vittoria allowed Giovanna to keep the bracelet, but after watching how things turned out to be around this object, Giovanna decided to abandon it. She left the bracelet at Rosario’s before leaving for a new adventure with Ida.

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