Boro Polonia: FUBAR character explained

Boro Polonia is the primary antagonist in Netflix’s FUBAR, working relentlessly to expand his terrorist organization and carry his father’s legacy forward.

Boro Polonia’s father was the leader of a paramilitary organization and after his death, his friend Finn Hoss took care of Boro’s education, keeping all machinations in check from afar.

After excelling in education, Boro would follow in his father’s footsteps and resume his empire, rebuilding it to its former glory and beyond, all the while creating weapons of mass destruction.

His first setback appears when the man he believed to be like a second father and a family friend turns out to be his biggest enemy and then some. Along with his usual evil plans, Boro now has one more to add to the catalog — the destruction of his enemies who backstabbed him.

Psychopathic successor

Twenty-five years ago, during Operation Jungle Book, CIA operative Luke Brunner killed Omar Polonia, who was the leader of a paramilitary organization. Posing as a European mercenary named Finn Hoss, Luke duped Omar and eventually killed him.

Omar had a son, Boro Polonia, who was then taken away and looked after by Finn Hoss, and while Boro thought that a family friend was doing his education and care, it was actually done by Hoss aka Luke because he felt bad for the kid who had nothing to do with his father’s nefarious activities.

Boro Omar Polonia FUBAR
Boro and his father Omar Polonia (Image source: Netflix)

He wished for the boy to turn out differently and not become what his father was. However, as fate would have it, Boro would go on to follow in his father’s footsteps and become his successor, dedicating his life to finishing what his father started.

By the time Luke learns about Boro’s current status, he’s become the new leader of Lape Pa Lanmo, which now has over 400 members who all love and respect their fallen leader’s son. Meanwhile, Boro has become totally unhinged and shows a lot of psychopathic tendencies.

Clever & elusive

When it comes to academics, his portfolio is top-notch. At 16 years of age, he graduated from high school, Oxford at 20, and then completed his MBA from Wharton at 22 years old.

Rebuilding a paramilitary organization and creating a devoted workforce, while doing all in his power to fund, develop, and sustain his operations are no easy feats. It requires intellect and superior problem-solving skills.

These qualities enable Boro Polonia to elude the CIA for as long as he does. In fact, when he does get arrested, it is only so he can exploit the opportunity, fool the CIA, and retrieve his suitcase nuke.

Other than that, his illegal arms operation attracts buyers from across the globe, and when his suitcase nuke is compromised, he retrieves it with a smart play and even to get his WMD made, he arranges for radioactive waste, a reactor, and kidnap the proper scientist with relative ease.

Consumed by revenge

Although at first Boro Polonia is focused on the path his father treaded when he was alive. However, when he finds out that Luke Brunner killed his father while fooling him as a friend named Finn Hoss, he is consumed by revenge.

His subjects are Luke Brunner and Emma Brunner. At first, he has little clues as to the whereabouts of both of them. He promises a hefty sum to a bunch of energy drink-chugging young hackers. One of these guys actually ends up helping track Emma down and Boro does meet the father-daughter duo again, for the last time.

Before that, though, his revenge quest as well as the nuke sales is impeded several times by Emma and Luke, who don’t rescue him and leave him to die at the abandoned Sardovian nuclear plant, where the exploding WMD seemingly kills him.

However, Boro Polonia survives, albeit with permanent scarring and a radiated body. He arrives at Tally’s wedding and intends on having Luke and Emma kill each other, only for the Brunner family to coordinate a great retaliation and kill Boro for good.

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