Bone glass in Lockwood & Co. explained

In Lockwood & Co., the bone glass is a mysterious relic that is capable of taking control of the minds of the people with just one glance. George becomes one of its victims.

The bone glass is a relic so valuable that several people are ready to kill and be killed to get their hands on it. The glass goes missing within a few hours of being discovered by Lockwood & Co., resulting in a race between different parties, who all want it for their own reasons.

The discovery of the bone glass

When Lockwood & Co. are hired by Joplin and Saunders to secure an unmarked grave in Kensal Green, they come across a mirror that lies in the iron casket in that grave. George gets a brief glimpse of it and notices an inscription on it before they neutralize the ghost.

The mirror gets stolen within a few hours. George, who is always curious to learn more, interprets the inscription that he saw and figures out that the grave belongs to Edmund Bickerstaff, a Victorian doctor who had links to the occult.

Bickerstaff’s family owned the Kensal Green cemetery, and he was considered a necrophiliac until George proved otherwise.

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The information provided by George prompts Barnes to ask Kipps’ team to work with Lockwood & Co. to find the mirror, but the two teams treat the mission as a competition and compete against each other to get to the mirror first.

However, they realize the true power of the menacing mirror when the body of the relic man, Danny, who stole the mirror, is discovered; he brutally killed himself after getting it. Anyone who looks at the relic loses their mind.

Lockwood and Lucy find out that Danny’s partner took the mirror and sold it to Julius Winkman, a dangerous antique dealer. When they try to steal it back from Winkman, they get almost get killed by him but somehow manage to escape.

A little while later, Danny’s partner, Jack Carver, shows up at their house with a knife in his back. He murmurs a few things that they cannot understand before dying. The three friends finally realize the kind of danger they will face in their pursuit of the relic.

The history of the bone glass

The relic that George stole a long time back, also known as the Skull, tells Lucy about Bickerstaff’s papers that contain all the information they require and predicts that with the mirror, death will approach.

After retrieving the papers from Bickerstaff’s house, the trio finds out that Bickerstaff was a monster. He was testing the theory of ghosts being connected to their sources and wanted to learn more about the eternal.

He painfully killed his own patients; seven death created seven ghosts, and that is exactly what he needed to create the bone glass, an object that would allow him to see what lies beyond the world of the living.

Lockwood & Co.
Bickerstaff’s papers give an account of the creation of the bone glass

One of Bickerstaff’s guests, Mary Dulac, was forced to look at the bone glass. One glimpse drove her mad, and she wanted to look at it over and over again. Dulac went missing and returned ten years later to kill Bickerstaff. Her confessions were then turned into a book.

How was the bone glass destroyed?

Lucy and Lockwood risk their lives to steal the bone glass from Winkman. They hand it to George to take it to Barnes, not knowing that George has also been affected by the relic.

George takes it to Joplin instead, who wants to complete Bickerstaff’s unfinished business. Unlike Bickerstaff, she knows that only teenagers who have the talent can see the eternal.

She threatens Kipps first and then George to take a look at it. However, Lucy, who knows George has been influenced after reading Dulac’s confessions with Lockwood, comes to his rescue and asks Joplin to use her in George’s place, as he would not survive if he looks at the glass.

At the last minute, Lucy looks away and makes Skull look at the bone glass. Skull warns them to destroy it, as it is not the eternal but a trap that he sees when he looks at it. George pushes aside the glass, cracking it, to save Lucy.

Lockwood & Co.
Trapped ghosts are set free when the bone glass is broken

Joplin looks at the bone glass then, and a force seems to pull her; she describes the view as extraordinary, among other things. The mirror breaks completely, and Joplin’s body bursts, killing her instantly and setting the ghosts trapped inside free.

The remaining pieces of the broken bone glass are taken by DEPRAC to be destroyed entirely.

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