Bombardier: The Mandalorian season 3 character explained

Bombardier is a former Imperial encountered by Din Djarin and Bo-Katan on the planet Plazir-15. The character is portrayed by Jack Black.

Din Djarin and Bo-Katan travel to meet with the Mandalorians on Plazir-15 but before they can, they are summoned by the leadership of the planet.

They enter a huge hall where a feast is taking place and at the head of the table appear to be the people in charge. The man introduces himself as Bombardier and the woman as The Duchess, his wife.

They tell Djarin and Bo that they had brought them in for a very specific request and tell them that if they complete the task, they will be allowed to meet with the Mandalorians as well as being bestowed with other honors.

A changed man

Bombardier explains that he was a facilities planner in the Empire and once it fell, he was enrolled in the Amnesty Program that sent him to Plazir-15. He oversaw the rebuilding efforts on the planet and in the process fell in love with a member of the royal family there.

He married the Duchess and together they were democratically elected to rule the planet, presiding over a prosperous society that relied on droids from the Imperial and Separatist eras.

Bombardier: The Mandalorian season 3 character explained 1
He had a loving relationship with his wife the Duchess

Due to the New Republic charter and Bombardier’s past, Plazir-15 isn’t allowed to have a standing army so they hire the Mandalorians as protection. T

hey use the fact that they are a pluralistic society to let Djarin and Bo enter the city with their weapons as arms are intrinsic to the Mandalorian culture.

They noticed the trouble that the malfunctioning droids were causing, even though the captain maintains that he oversaw the reprogramming of the droids.

With some suspicions that it’s actually an act of sabotage, they recruit Djarin and Bo-Katan to solve this issue for them.

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