Bobby Abbott: Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F character explained

Bobby Abbott, Jane’s ex-boyfriend, joins forces with Axel and Jane to investigate Copeland’s murder. In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Bobby.

Before becoming a police detective, Bobby used to be a pilot in LAPD Air Support. He ended up crashing a helicopter, and his career took a turn. 

The crash affected Bobby so much that he could not fly a helicopter again, leading to him quitting LAPD Air Support and becoming a detective in Beverly Hills.

A compassionate perspective

Bobby briefly dated Jane. He is a calm and secure man, who is not easily provoked, not even by Axel. 

While they got along well and liked each other, Jane broke up with him. Due to her strained relationship with her father, a police detective, Jane did not want to date a police officer. 

Jane not only ended their relationship but also cut all ties with him. However, Bobby understood her reasons and accepted her decision.

Bobby’s relationship with his father is somewhat similar to Jane’s relationship with Axel. Bobby’s father moved his family from Chicago to Beverly Hills when Bobby was young. 

Bobby was angry with his father for the longest time. He believed that his father was selfish because he did not take into consideration his family’s feelings.

Additionally, within a year, his father divorced his mother, not understanding the toll it took on his family, which ruined his relationship with Bobby. 

Years later, Bobby’s father reached out to him and apologized. The apology meant a lot to Bobby, and it also improved his relationship with his father. 

Bobby’s own experience allows him to see things from other people’s perspectives, which is how he is able to help Axel understand Jane and urges him to apologize.

Teaming up with Jane and Axel

Bobby is a good detective. He refuses to consider Copeland’s murder as an open-and-shut case when he discovers irregularities.

He goes against the orders of Chief Taggart and investigates when he finds a camera, which was not issued by the police department, in Copeland’s car. 

He tails Jane and Axel, and when they get attacked by the cartel’s kill crew, he comes to their rescue, which leads to him getting suspended.

Bobby still does not give up. He decides to work with Jane and Axel to get to the bottom of Copeland’s murder. 

Beverly Hills Cop Axel F Bobby Abbott
Bobby and Axel discover the truth about Copeland’s death

While investigating with them, Bobby once again grows close to Jane and bonds with Axel, who makes him fly a helicopter while escaping Grant. 

Axel and Bobby are framed and arrested by Grant, leading to them escaping police custody and becoming fugitives. Despite that, Bobby helps Axel rescue Billy and Jane; he kills Grant while rescuing Jane.

Bobby’s decision to trust Jane and Axel turns out to be the right one. Together, they are able to expose Grant and prove Sam innocent.

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