Blood Sisters (2022) summary and ending explained

Blood Sisters (2022) is a Nigerian thriller series where Sarah and Kola’s relationship hangs in a balance during their lavish engagement party, while Sarah and Kemi get caught in a precarious situation. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

The four-part web series, ‘Blood Sisters’, revolves around the lives of two best friends, Sarah and Kemi, who become fugitives after Sarah’s fiance, Kola, disappears mysteriously right before their wedding.

During their engagement, it is evident that there is an undefined uneasiness between Sarah and Kola.

Sarah is all dolled up for her special day with the help of her best friend Kemi, but once Kola notices her after his business meeting, he questions why she did not wear what he told her to.

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Sarah explains how she is comfortable with what she is wearing, yet Kola reiterates that she must go and change at once. She does as she is told as there seems to be no other choice.

Kemi observes all this and tries to talk to Sarah about his behaviour but she refuses to listen.

Sarah’s ex-lover, Kenny, shows up at the wedding unannounced, begging her to not marry Kola and be with him instead. This event further worsens the situation for everyone present there.

Kola is infuriated by this while Sarah tries to resolve the situation. The security gets rid of Kenny forcefully.

It is then revealed how Kola is riled up by this turn of events and calls Sarah to meet privately. 

He interrogates her and hits her in a fit of rage. Sarah, in pain, tries to crawl away from him as he establishes his dominance in her life.

At dinner, Sarah has to pretend as if nothing happened. Kola’s sister, Timeyin, shows up fresh from rehab abroad.

Kemi notices Sarah in distress and gets curious as to what happened to her.

After dinner, Kemi and Sarah discuss her situation and Kemi discovers she is being abused by Kola and asks her why she is not leaving him.

Later, Sarah talks to her mother about cancelling the wedding while her mother tells her she cannot do that over a slap. Sarah, unable to process the lack of her mother’s support, gives in.

Alongside, Kola is almost killed by a hitman named Blade hired by his brother. He manages to get rid of the hitman and threatens his brother Femi that he will be dealt with after his wedding.

While fighting off the Blade, Kola had confiscated his gun off him. He keeps the gun with him for the rest of the day.

On their wedding day, Sarah calls Kola to meet in private to reveal that she cannot be with him. This is when it is revealed that Kola had abused her before and told her it would not happen again.

This enrages Kola to the point where he comes at her to strangle her. While Sarah is on the verge of losing consciousness, Kemi intervenes and tries to stop Kola. 

Kola, more enraged at this point, tries to kill both Kemi and Sarah while his gun falls off of him. Kemi notices this and, panic-stricken shoots Kola.

Both Kemi and Sarah realise what has happened and, given Kola’s family background, they know nobody would believe that it was self-defence.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Blood Sisters (2022) ending explained in detail:

An escape plan

Although the murder was out of self-defence, Kemi and Sarah know nobody would believe them or help them in the situation. 

The Ademola family was highly influential and filthy rich and there was no way they could escape their ruthless hunt for anything and anyone they do not approve of.

While Kemi and Sarah thought they were safe and all they had to do was stick to their story, a photographer had captured them getting rid of the body.

The photographer blackmails them for money and ends up meeting his fate, which was Sarah murdering him. Now there was the blood of two people on their hands.

They realise they need to flee the country as a police officer, Inspector Slo Jo Obasanjo, gets too close to the case.

While they plan their escape, the body of Kola is discovered by stray dogs, which Kemi and Sarah had discarded in a shallow pit.

Secrets of the Ademolas

The police figure out that Kemi and Sarah are the murderers, turning them into national fugitives as they reveal their identities on the news, after being bribed by Kola’s mother Uduak.

Kemi and Sarah hide out in Kenny’s hut, where they are found by Uncle B, who tries to kill them. They burn down the hut to escape him.

Kemi calls Akin, Kola’s best friend, and confesses to him while revealing that Kola was abusive. Akin does not believe her and goes out on his investigation.

Akin reaches out to Kola’s ex-lovers and one of them reveals her scratched out eye, which she admits was done to her by Kola himself. She explains how Kola abused her and turned her blind while telling her to sit still as he sketched her.

Determined to find evidence against Kola, Akin goes through his place and finds his sketches which had sketches of many women Kola had been with and abused and demanded they stay still for him to sketch.

Akin hands this evidence over to the determined Inspector Jo but it is too late as he is thrown off the case due to his persistent nagging to find justice.

Meanwhile, Kola’s brother, Femi, has taken over the family business, which he is failing to keep afloat.

Uduak is determined to find the girls while Femi and his wife are determined to make sure nobody finds their connection with the Blade.

Kemi and Sarah reach Kemi’s grandmother’s place to seek refuge and rest after everything they have been through.


Throughout, Uncle B keeps track of their whereabouts while Kemi and Sarah are unaware of it. 

Uncle B, with the rest of the corrupt police department, reach Kemi’s grandmother’s place and the girls are surrendered to Uncle B himself as he takes them to the Ademola Family in an isolated place.

Uduak claims that both her remaining children need to prove their worth and then encourages Femi to kill the girls and seek closure for the whole family.

Noticing Femi hesitating after Kemi and Sarah reveal why they had to kill Kola and how Uduak supports him in his acts, Timeyin steps up and demands she would do it. 

Intending to save the girls, Timeyin shoots Uncle B and threatens to shoot Uduak, while Femi and his wife help the girls escape.

It is revealed then that Timeyin had already called Inspector Joe, who arrives as Kemi and Sarah are trying to escape. He comforts them that he is there to help as they hear a gunshot.

Joe runs inside only to see Uduak being held at gunpoint by Timeyin. Joe asks her to put the gun down, which she refuses while the series concludes, leaving the viewers with a cliffhanger.

Perhaps Timeyin does shoot Uduak as the series ends with Timeyin declaring, “it’s done” as if to imply that her decision to shoot Uduak is unalterable.

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