Blood and Water season 3 ending explained: Is Lisbeth Molapo arrested?

Blood and Water season 3 follows the sisters contending with a new formidable foe while trying to find the missing Nwabisa, with heartbreaks, kidnappings, and deaths aplenty.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

‘Blood and Water’ season 3 opens with Fikile visiting the Khumalo household with her father. She asks Mrs Khumala the identity of her biological father but she isn’t ready to talk about him.

Meanwhile, Fiks and her father are also worried about Nwabisa who’s been missing following the shocking events of the last season. Soon, another suspicion is levied on Fikile’s adoptive mother, and it’s that she staged her own kidnapping.

Sam and her mother’s custody location is compromised and they’re kidnapped by the henchmen of who everyone thinks has to be Nwabisa.

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Meanwhile, Lisbeth Molapo is freed as no concrete evidence against her is found — it’s all circumstantial at best and not enough to hold her in for questioning.

Upon her return and freedom, the sisters get suspicious of her and begin their own investigations against her. On a positive note, Siya enrols into Pankhurst, which is immediately ruined a bit by some bullies.

At school, Chris and Wendy have a thing going on which soon evolves into a romantic relationship. However, Wendy has to go to Spain for a great opportunity and the two begin a long-distance relationship.

Reece’s drug dealing issues haven’t ended as her debt to the big dog isn’t settled, so she continues dealing at parties.

Meanwhile, things between the Khumalos start improving while Fikile and Puleng’s investigations into Linsbeth reach a significant stage. This results in the wealthy woman striking back by getting Julius killed in a car accident that also leaves Puleng severely injured.

To confirm her belief that it was Lisbeth behind the accident and reach the conclusion of her investigations, Puleng is eventually stopped and kidnapped from a rave party, before dumping her with many other trafficking victims, including Janet Nkosana.

As Fikile, their family, and friends all gear up and try to find Puleng, the girl puts up the brave foot forward and fights her way out of her captivity, failing several times. She’s eventually saved by Detective Vaans, an officer working for Lisbeth in secret.

Meanwhile, KB is finally aware of the hideous truth about her parents but Lisbeth gets him, Fiks, and Chris subdued; in the scuffle, Matla and Fiks are shot while the antagonist escapes.

Fiks is eventually saved, thanks to a liver transplant from her biological father Anthony, while the antagonists are all brought to justice. Blood and Water season 3 ends on a bittersweet note with a tinge of sinister stuff remaining for the next instalment to explore.

Blood and Water season 3 ending explained in detail:

Who is Lisbeth Molapo?

Lisbeth Molapo is Karabo aka KB’s mother and the prime antagonist of this season, inflicting great pain and misery upon the central characters, concocting a hideous plan amid her even more hideous operations.

She’s also the one who kidnapped Phume aka Fikile from the nursery, which eventually lead to her being taken up by Nwabisa and raised in her household. Janet Nkosana states at the beginning of the season that Lisbeth was the architect of the kidnapping.

However, Lisbeth is a wealthy woman with a lot of resources and ample amounts of conviction in doing whatever it takes to keep herself out of the jurisdictional reach.

She gets the witnesses and others related to the kidnapping case killed to rid herself of all charges, following which all that the police have on her are circumstantial evidence.

What happened to Nwabisa?

Nwabisa was killed by Lisbeth Molapo, who got rid of her just like the others who posed a risk or threat to her. Killing Nwabisa moved all the suspicions away from her and to the late mother of Fikile.

The first time viewers learn about Nwabisa’s fate is when Matla asks his wife about her, and she reveals to him that she’s dead, rather casually.

Fikile gets to know the hurtful truth about her mom at the very last of Blood and Water season 3, during a precarious situation at the Molapo household.

Who is Fikile’s biological father?

Fikile’s biological father is Anthony Gabisa, a former client of Thandeka’s. It was when she had married Julius and after two months of their marriage, he got cold feet, demanding some space from her and making her stay at her friend’s place amid humiliation.

To alleviate her sadness and hurt, she partied endlessly and eventually hooked up with one of her clients who gave her the sexual attention she needed.

Their short fling resulted in her falling pregnant, a fact unbeknownst to Anthony, and it stayed that way for 18 years.

Fikile and Puleng eventually track him down and learn that he’s an accomplished artist who frequents Cape Town.

Fiks finally meets up with him but his response to the information and meeting his daughter he never knew he had, is less than ideal, to say the least.

When Fiks gets shot and her life hangs in balance, she needs a liver transplant and only one person matches her blood type — Anthony Gabisa. Thandeka meets him and pleads with him to help his daughter.

Initially reluctant, Gabisa ultimately comes through and helps save Fikile’s life.

How are Lisbeth and Vaans arrested?

Fikile and Puleng’s investigations are integral to her arrest; it’s Wade, Lunga, KB, and Siya who also emerge as the true champions at the end and with their own efforts at sussing out Detective Vaans and tracing the secret conversations, they help get the villains arrested.

Wade catches on earlier than anyone else, how Detective Vaans has been acting suspiciously, and when the officer reaches the port before others, his suspicions are confirmed.

When Siya finds out that KB’s headphones are bugged, they get a man to decrypt the conversations on the other end. They go with the evidence they collect to Detective Peterson, who confronts Vaans before he’s arrested.

Shortly thereafter, the prime antagonist also comes to taste defeat as she’s stopped in her tracks while trying to flee.

Blood and Water season 3 ends with her getting arrested along with her husband who’s handcuffed while recovering at the hospital.

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