Bionic summary and ending explained

Bionic focuses on the sibling rivalry between Maria and Gabi Santos, which involves significant stakes. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

In 2035, prosthetics have gone through a revolution as para-athletes fitted with cutting-edge bionic limbs are taking over the world of sports.

Maria Santos is the daughter of the late Helena Santos, a world record holder in the long jump category.

Her mother trained her since childhood, but she passed when Maria was growing up and had to train herself.

While Helena focused on Maria, her husband Ricardo helped train Gabi, their younger daughter who had an amputation when she was young.

During the bionic revolution, Gabi got fitted with a prosthetic and became the new record holder for the long jump, leaving Maria behind.

Maria feels resentment toward her sister and every other bionic athlete because she trained so hard to become the best and was overtaken by them.

Heitor Hirsh and his brother Atila started a support group for regular athletes who lost their means of income with the revolution.

Atila was a boxer who cut his arm to get a prosthetic but when the authorities found out that it was planned, he was denied the enhancement.

The brothers decide to steal diamonds from a bank using a counterfeit prosthetic but only Heitor manages to escape.

Atila used a stolen NIM, a microchip inserted in the brain to aid the use of a bionic limb, but he wasn’t able to get away unscathed so he sacrificed himself for his brother.

Maria and Gabi’s youngest sibling, Gus joins Heitor’s gang to help out his sister. He was ignored while his parents focused on his sisters so he wanted to do more.

He recruits Maria, who is won over by Heitor’s claim that regular athletes deserve the same opportunities as bionic athletes.

They plan an accident so that Maria ends up having to get a prosthetic too. Detective Guerra is looking into Atila’s death and keeps an eye on Heitor.

They find it suspicious as soon as they find out about Maria’s accident. He looks into the footage of the accident and the call to the emergency line.

The call was made before the accident and he takes this information to Maria’s family. Ricardo and Gus stand up for Maria but Gabi doubts her sister’s motivations.

Maria also helps Heitor and his gang steal a ton of cash from an armored vehicle, but she watches Heitor kill one of the guards who saw her face.

She feels conflicted about involvement with Heitor, but Gus still believes in his mission. Since she got the prosthetic, the competitiveness of Gabi and Maria is raised to the roof.

They continue to fight right till the Bionic Games, where they will compete against each other. Gabi listens to the recording of the emergency call and hears something revealing.

During the games, Gabi and Maria go head to head, breaking the world record with each jump. However, Gabi pushes the limits of her NIM and goes into a coma.

She can never compete again. When she wakes up in the hospital, she tells Maria that she heard Maria’s training song in the background of the emergency call which confirmed it was planned.

Ending explained:

Developing a conscience

Heitor used the cash to pay off some hackers and get the details about the delivery of 10 NIMs which he wants for regular athletes.

He tells Maria that she needs to repay the favor by helping them, but she refuses. Gus tries to convince her but she doesn’t listen to him either.

She threatened to hurt Heitor with her leg so he backed off and thinks of a new way to convince her.

The right motivation

Heitor uses Gus’ help to drug Maria and then kidnaps Gabi from the hospital where she is recovering.

They also beat up Riccardo for good measure, which doesn’t please Gus. Maria has no choice but to help them with their plan.

She is told to jump across two buildings and intercept the transfer of the NIMs before it reaches the vault.

She gets the case and drives away to the rendezvous point. Heitor leads her in his bike, and she mows him down.

Unfortunately, it turns out to be Gus as Heitor anticipated Maria would try something like this.

Greed triumphs over all

With Gabi and Maria held captive, Heitor takes the case to meet with their contact who wants to buy the NIMs and create a bionic army.

Maria calls Heitor a hypocrite for claiming that he did things for the benefit of other athletes when he just manipulated them for money.

The case has more than 10 NIMS, and Heitor’s arrogance pushes him to make a mistake. He calls Maria forward to look at what she stole for them.

Maria uses this opportunity to fight back, and Gabi helps too. Together, they take down Heitor’s men and gravely injure him.

A new project

Gabi tells Maria to run away just as the police arrive and they chase after her. She reaches the edge of the stadium and jumps off to get away, taking a big fall.

Gabi is left alone for a moment in the chaos and she steals a car to get to Maria first. They drive away before the police can catch them.

Months later, Gabi and Maria set up a gym to train para-athletes of all ages, with some help from Dario of the Solid Limbs Bionic company.

When Dario asks them how they are going to support their new project, they say they have a plan.

They meet with the contact who wants to buy the NIMs from Heitor, and instead of an army, they offer him three bionic warriors.

He says that there are only two, which is when they call out Gus, who is now fitted with bionic enhancements all over and is half cyborg.

The Santos family is together again doing what they were destined to do.

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