Big Mouth season 6 ending explained: Do Andrew’s parents get back together?

Season 6 of Big Mouth sees the kids from Bridgeton explore new relationships and learn many new lessons in their life. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Andrew is very happy in his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend, Bernadette Sanders from Vermont. The two of them often get on video calls to dirty talk with each other, much to the disgust of Andrew’s father.

Jay and Mathew’s relationship is fresh and rosy and they strongly want to make out with each other. Jay’s house is a safety risk while Mathew thinks it’s too soon to bring a boy back home.

Missy sees a new boy named Elijah and decides to pursue him. Jessi is warming up to the fact of living with her stepmom, Caitlyn even though she doesn’t want to.

Maury is still going through his pregnancy with Connie showing no interest in sharing responsibility for the baby. Mona helps guide Missy in her pursuit of Elijah who turns out to be a devout Christian.

The students do an ancestry test and Lola finds out that her father is 1 of 3 possible options. Nick finds out that he’s got Scottish ancestry that his father and mother do not want to elaborate on so he digs into it himself.

Andrew is visited by his lovebug, Flanny O’Lympic, because of his love for Bernie but Flanny is appalled by how much of a degenerate Andrew is. Jay wants to introduce Mathew to his family so that he can show off his same-sex boyfriend and invites all his half-brothers for a party.

Missy finally gets her first period, Lola contemplates whether to shave off her pubic hair while Jessi suffers a yeast infection and doesn’t know what to do until she gets some help from Caitlyn.

On a slow school day, everyone answers an online test to find out how naughty they are and the results lead to various conclusions. Andrew doesn’t want to think of Bernie’s sexual exploits but later learns to accept her as a person.

Maury gives birth to his child with Connie by his side and they name the child Montel.

Missy wants to progress her relationship with Elijah but he’s not ready for that so she agrees to take things slow. Jessi’s mother, Shannon moves back to town so that she can spend more time with Jessi. Jessi also gets closer to Lola because of their similar score on the test.

Andrews dreams of getting to second base have a chance of becoming true after Bernie says she’s visiting him for dinner. Nick is tired of his soft, weak father and decides to visit his grandfather and Jay sets up an evening of romance for Mathew.

Andrew’s dinner goes down in flames when his parents don’t stop arguing and his mother leaves. Nick is weirded out by his crude grandfather, Seamus, and has to call his father to get him out of there.

Seamus is now living with Elliot and his family until his ankle heals and Diane wants to punish Nick because he’s the reason they’re in this predicament.

After some momentary awkwardness, Jay moves on from his sex pillows and makes out with Mathew. The introduction of a new Apple product causes conflict among everyone in town.

When Lola wins a big settlement in a court case, she is visited by the boyband trio, Bros 4 Life who all claim to possibly be her father. Lola is very happy to have a father in her life, much less three.

However, it turns out that they only wanted her money and abandoned her when they learned that she chose to receive the settlement in Hot Pockets. Ultimately, her mother’s parole officer, Rodney offers to be her desperate yet caring father figure.

Elijah gets his own hormone monsters, Joe and Gill, but he also learns that he’s asexual. He doesn’t know how to break the news to Missy though.

Andrew heads to Vermont because he’s worried that Bernie might be stolen by her good looking guy friend, Alison. Instead, he’s the one that gives Alison the confidence to tell Bernie how he feels and she breaks up with Andrew.

Andrew is heartbroken and calls his mother to take him home. Mathew realizes that he’s taming Jay to be someone he’s not and feels very guilty about it so he breaks up with Jay.

Elliot suddenly becomes a lot more rough and violent around his family thanks to Seamus and Nick and Diane are not happy about it.

Big Mouth season 6 ending explained:

Do Elijah and Missy stay together?

Elijah has trouble kissing Missy and doesn’t know how to tell her that he’s asexual because he’s worried she will break up with him. She wishes to be irresistible on a full moon night and finds that she’s switched bodies with Nathan Fillion the next morning.

Missy leaves the set that she’s on and makes it all the way to her house where Nathan Fillion (in Missy’s body) is flirting with her mother. Elijah comes to share his secret and Missy and Nathan Fillion listen to him.

Missy accepts Elijah’s asexuality and they embrace, sending her back to her body and Nathan Fillion back to his.

Does Jay accept his true identity?

Jay is hurt because Mathew broke up with him for being someone who likes magic and stuff so he wishes that he was anyone but him. He finds his consciousness sharing a body with Coach Steve.

They are recruited by the Panera magicians to get one of their friends back but Jay doesn’t want to perform magic because it’s not cool and it is why Mathew broke up with him.

Eventually, Coach Steve helps him realise that he should be happy with who he is and not change for anyone.

Does Nick get back his old dad?

Nick wishes that his father wasn’t so rude anymore and he switches places with Seamus. He convinces his mom that they’ve switched places and realises that he must learn some lessons to switch back.

So he tries to use a different approach with Elliot, one of care and love, so that Elliot will back to being his old self again. Seamus walks in (in Nick’s body) and wants to barf looking at all the outpouring of feelings but eventually gives in to it all and Nick and Seamus switch back.

Do Marty and Barbara fix their marriage?

Andrew wishes that his family would be fine again and he wakes up in his father’s body. Marty continues to scold his son and then goes to school in his place.

Andrew decides to try and woo his mother and fix things but he messes it up. He later talks to his father to find out why he neglects her and is so rude to her and Marty admits that he’s just scared that he’s not good enough.

He feeds the words from behind and Marty says them out loud and they manage to win back Barbara together.

Does Jessi accept the baby?

Jessi is feeling some envy and paranoia about her new sister Delilah. She wishes her father loved her the same way and wakes up as the baby. Initially she enjoys the pampering but when she can’t truly express what she needs, she feels frustrated.

She admits that she doesn’t want to be a baby anymore and is happy with the way things are and she goes back to her own body while having a newfound understanding and love for the baby.

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