Bhaukaal season 2 summary and ending explained

Based on real-life events, ‘Bhaukaal’ season 2 follows SSP Naveen Sikhera and his team’s hunt to end the frightful reign of the Dedha brothers.


Now that Shaukeen is not around anymore, the Dedha brothers, Pintu (Pradeep Nagar) and Chintu (Siddhant Kapoor), wish to expand their reign or “bhaukaal”, by hook or by crook. Only one way for achieving this is known to this duo and that is violence.

Realising that after what happened with Shaukeen, their fear is slowly diminishing within the public, the brothers ruthlessly murder a village sarpanch and his son in front of an audience. To get Naveen Sikhera (Mohit Raina) even more worked up, they shamelessly gather media and wait for him at the police station.

Sikhera and his team receive a tip-off regarding arms and ammunition being delivered to Ashok, one of Dedha’s goons. Though they manage to get a hold of the weapons, Ashok escapes due to the mole in the police force, Sunil.

This only infuriates the Dedhas more. On their way home from a community wedding, Naveen and his pregnant wife, Pooja, are hit by a truck. Luckily, though once critical, both Pooja and the unborn baby become better after doctors’ hard work.

The newly appointed judge issues non-bailable warrants, which is enough to vex the Dedhas. They hire Azhar from the rival gang to shoot the judge and kidnap doctor Tiwari.

To exhibit their power and take over Shaukeen’s area, Hussainpur, the Dedhas close down all the meat shops, visit MLA Aslam Rana’s home and threaten the people of Hussainpur into paying them money and obeying their commands.

The public and the media’s rage is increasing with every passing minute that the crimes are increasing and doctor Tiwari is still nowhere to be found. Finally, there is news that doctor Tiwari has been released and he’ll be following it up with a press conference. Following Dedha’s command, doctor Tiwari dismisses the police force and criticises their work at the conference.

Policeman Bhaati puta a tracker on doctor Tiwari’s phone and also takes the money intended to be submitted to the Dedha’s by the doctor, to a safe place. Following his car, policemen Maruti and Pawan successfully save doctor Tiwari.

To assert their dominance even further, the Dedhas enter Shaukeen’s place and shoot everyone at sight. Naaz and Ashfaq, the new leader of the gang, are on the run. One of their men, Gurjan, goes to the hospital where the judge is admitted and kills him along with many other policemen, doctors and nurses.

Under the guidance of Aslam Rana, Naaz and Ashfaq are instructed to collect all the arms and money. Ashfaq is shot dead by the Dedha’s when he goes to collect the arms. Naaz waits for him but runs away with the money later.

In this mess, Sikhera is walking on thin ice. The media, his seniors and even the public are slowly losing their faith in him. Sikhera and his team need to take extreme steps and execute their plans quickly.

Bhaukaal season 2 ending explained in detail:

Gurjan’s end

The police follow Gurjan and his underlying when they are making merry. A chase sequence between the two parties start and Gurjan is killed by the police. The young members of the gang are let go off easily after they promise to choose books over guns.

The plan in action

As the police come up with the plan, Sunil is quick to send a message to Pintu. Little does he know that he has been under the police’s watch the entire time and thanks to him they are able to track Pintu.

The Dedha’s attack the police’s van upon their arrival but it’s only a ploy. The real force comes right behind them in a truck. Dedha and the police soon start attacking each other but, in the end, the Dedha’s are overpowered.

Naaz brews up a plan to trap Rana. She informs Neha, the journalist, of the his ill-doings and promises her that she’ll back up the claims with proof. Rana is told that Shaukeen’s money is in the graveyard and he willingly goes there to collect it. Neha captures the whole incident on camera.

End of Bhaukaal

Dedha’s men, including Pintu and Chintu, are killed in the encountered. Muzzafarnagar is free from the ruthless reign of the Dedha gang and their “bhaukaal” finally comes to an end. Sikhera is transferred to a different city.

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