Berk’s death in Kubra explained

Berk gets power-hungry as Gokhan rises in statute thanks to Kubra, but it ultimately leads to his downfall.

After finding out that Kubra is an artificial intelligence, Gokhan decides to meet Berk directly.

He offers that they work together to achieve their goals using Kubra and Berk is thrilled with the idea.

Berk starts to dictate Gokhan’s actions and as they raise dissent against the government, he gets more excited about what they are achieving.

When Gulcan leaves, Gokhan asks berk to find her but he isn’t able to because she knows not to hold any electronics with her.

Kubra warns him that Kara is waiting at his meeting spot and he informs Gokhan before meeting him halfway.

When he learns that Merve is the one who snitched, he loses his mind and persistently feeds the idea of punishment into Gokhan’s head.

Drunk with power

Gokhan decides to kill Merve, but Berk has a strong hand in it. He assumes this will intensify Gokhan’s focus, but it clouds his judgment.

Berk’s partners find out about Kubra and what he’s doing with it, but he convinces them that they are too far involved to get out now.

He is focused on finding his sister rather than carrying out their plans. Berk gets him back on track, but after Kara captures Gokhan, he panics.

Berk goes to Gokhan’s followers and tells them that he is behind Kubra, not God as they believed.

When Kubra is shut down, he believes that he has lost everything and this causes him to chase down Gulcan in a crazed manner.

After she dies, Kubra comes back online and Berk feels hope again but hides the fact that he forced Gulcan’s death.

Berk’s obsession with Kubra rises to worrying levels and he doesn’t want anything else to get in his way.

When his friends want to leave, he orders that they be killed. Serhat comes after him for Gulcan’s death but he grabs a gun and threatens all of them.

He says that without him, there is no Kubra. Gokhan has had enough so he kills Berk and later shoots the system so that Kubra cannot be started up again.

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