Ben Morrisey: Mayor of Kingstown season 2 character explained

In the second season of Mayor of Kingstown, Ben Morrisey gives testimony against Robert, which leads the IA to investigate Robert and his team regarding the mission they carried out during the prison riots.

In the sixth episode of Mayor of Kingstown, Robert discloses to Mike, Kyle, and Ian that he has received a heart attack letter, which means he needs to lawyer up.

In an attempt to save the likes of Kyle and Ian, Robert and his team killed some people, which has now brought them under investigation.

Mike is sure that an inmate’s testimony is not why Robert is being investigated; someone from his own team has turned on Robert.

The group comes to the conclusion that they need to find out who the rat is and get their stories straight regarding what went down during the riots.

After digging around, Robert learns who is talking to the DA. He reveals that Ben Morrisey is the rat; he was in prison with them, and he himself took out around 20 people.

Robert’s lawyer has advised him not to talk to Morrisey, and even Mike agrees that he shouldn’t. Ian pitches to talk to Morrisey, but Mike says he shouldn’t go either. Mike promises that he will go and meet Morrisey himself and sort this out.

Ian pays Morrisey a visit

Most of Robert’s colleagues say he was a hero that day; he controlled the situation inside the prison. Ian, especially, likes to think that they wouldn’t have gotten out without Robert.

Ian wanted to help Robert, so he decided to visit Morrisey without telling anyone, but he made a terrible mistake by bringing the mentally challenged serial killer Charlie with him.

Ian used the excuse of a visit to the dentist to bring Charlie out of the mental institution. Even Charlie cooperated by breaking his tooth with stones because he wanted some fresh air.

Ben Morrisey: Mayor of Kingstown season 2 character explained 1
Ben Morrisey decides not to give testimony against Robert

Ian brought Charlie to use him against Morrisey and have him back out of giving testimony against Robert. Ian shows Charlie’s file to Morrisey, who gets scared after reading about the crimes Charlie has committed.

Still, Ben argues that he has already talked to the DA. He tries to convince Ian that Robert is a psychopath, as he was shooting anything that moved down there during the riots.

Ian gives Morrisey all the reasons he can use. All Ian wants is for Morrisey to back out. Then he can leave for Florida and start fresh. Morrisey isn’t happy about backing out, but he is left with no option. He makes the call and confesses that he can’t testify.

Ben Morrisey’s death

On the doorstep, Ben confronts Ian and says that the next innocent Robert is going to kill will be on Ian’s head. He compares Ian to Charlie and uses a word that should not be mentioned in front of Charlie.

Charlie hears that word clearly. He grabs Morrisey by the neck and kills him in seconds. A panicked Ian directs Charlie to pick Ben up and put him inside the house before anyone could see them.

Ian pushes a few things inside the house, steals some of Ben’s belongings, and asks Charlie to break the door to make it all look like a robbery gone wrong. Before heading back to the institution, Ian thinks of killing Charlie for what he did, but he fails to muster up the courage.

Robert, Stevie, and everyone else celebrate now that Morrisey has backed out. They all think Mike has talked Morrisey out of giving the testimony. Ian arrives and joins the celebrations.

For now, Ian doesn’t tell them that he forced Morrisey to back out and that Morrisey is now dead because he picked up a job he wasn’t supposed to do and messed up.

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