Ben and Margot’s break up in Never Have I Ever season 4 explained

Ben and Margot date each for a while in their senior year until one particular moment makes it difficult for them to be together anymore.

After losing his virginity to Devi and then overthinking the situation following advice from Dwight Howard, Ben begins dating Margot in the summer before senior year.

When Devi finds out, she has a less-than-respectable reaction and announces in front of several students and faculty that she slept with Ben. Margot isn’t affected by this as Ben had already told her about it when they started dating.

When someone spraypaints an insult on Devi’s car, she immediately assumes that Margot did it and calls for action against her. She even raises some doubts in Ben’s mind that Margot might be guilty.

When she finds out the truth, she rushes to clear Margot’s name and Ben realizes how chaotic Devi can be. He tells her that Margot doesn’t want him to talk to her anymore but it actually turns out to be his decision to avoid her.

Clashing personalities

Following all of the Devi madness, Ben and Margot’s relationship goes through a steady patch where they don’t have any outside issues to deal with.

When Ben gets into Columbia early, he asks Margot if she’d like to celebrate with him by having dinner at his house. She says that she’s presenting one of her paintings at an art show and if the organizer likes it, he might display it in his gallery.

Ben says he’ll attend the show and they can celebrate later after she has some good news too.

Ben arrives for the show and when the gallery owner walks by, Ben has an awkward exchange with him. He then suggests getting a drink to get away from them.

Ben and Margot's break up in Never Have I Ever season 4 explained 1
Ben doesn’t fit in well with Margot’s world

While he’s at the bar, he receives a call from Margot but it happens to be a butt dial. He overhears her conversation with the gallery owner who says that Ben is quite nerdy and exhibits “Urkel” energy. Margot laughs along and says that she doesn’t consider it a serious relationship.

When Margot meets him the following day, he reveals that he overheard her and she says that the art world is quite judgy but she loves how dorky he is. He says that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore and breaks up with her.

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