Ben Glenroy: Only Murders in the Building season 3 character explained

Ben Glenroy was a well-established star and the leading man of Oliver’s play before ending up as a murder victim. The character is portrayed by Paul Rudd.

Ben Glenroy was known for his roles in Girl Cop and as Cobro, a zoologist who has the power to shapeshift into a cobra. He was set to star in Oliver’s Broadway return, a murder mystery titled “Death Rattle”, before his untimely demise.

Ben had the attitude of an entitled star who looked down on his less illustrious co-stars and was generally a difficult person to be around. He had a special hatred for Charles which was well documented and he didn’t believe in Loretta’s talents either.

He did have moments of vulnerability, although he didn’t enjoy showcasing it in the open too often. He also indirectly had an impact on Mabel’s life, which made her more determined to solve his murder.

No shortage of enemies

At the first table read Ben tries to get Loretta fired because she completely botches it. He also appears to treat his brother Dickie very disrespectfully.

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When he returns to the afterparty following his initial “death”, he goes around the room making disingenuous apologies. He alludes to a romantic history between himself and Kimber. He brings up the fact that he was rude toward Ty, Bobo, and his understudy, Jonathan.

He wrongly accused the stage manager, KT, of stealing his seasonal mangoes, and was generally a difficult person with his producers, Demi and Cliff. He didn’t, however, offer up an apology to Loretta and instead, referred to her as a snake just like him.

He also makes a conceited comment about Charles’ age in an attempt to “bury the hatchet” between them. It is later revealed that when Ben was a child actor and bagged a role on Brazzos, Charles got him fired after his first table read.

Mabel says that after her father passed away, her mother would lock herself in her room leaving Mabel all by herself for a month or so. During that time, Mabel began watching episodes of “Girl Cop” starring Ben Glenroy.

Ben Glenroy: Only Murders in the Building season 3 character explained 1
Ben Glenroy shows up as a manifestation of Mabel’s subconscious

She eventually realized that her mother would watch the show at the same time, and even though they were in separate rooms, Mabel felt connected to her mother thanks to Ben.

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