Bemular’s death in Ultraman season 3 explained

In the third season of Ultraman, Bemular becomes one of Mephisto’s targets and is captured by him. Bemular doesn’t die until he decides that he needs to set things right.

In Ultraman season 3, Bemular is first taken out by Mephisto’s minions for being too close to Rena’s father, Endo. Later, Endo is attacked as well, and Hokuto, as told by Bemular, takes the responsibility of keeping Rena safe. He also hands her a choker, which Bemular wanted to give to her father.

Was Bemular protecting Rena?

The choker helps Rena summon an Ultraman suit, and it is then revealed that Rena is the fourth Ultraman Bemular is trying to protect. When Hokuto and Rena go to the former’s father, Yapool, he recognizes the choker and discloses that he did build her Ultraman suit.

Apparently, Bemular had found out that Rena has Ultraman powers too when she started attracting attention. Mephisto had assigned one of his minions to track down a kid who lived in Sagayoshicho, the same place where Ultraman battled Zetton years ago.

Bemular's death in Ultraman season 3 explained 1
Bemular asks Yapool to build a suit

Rena is that kid. Rena’s pregnant mother had received blood from Hayata before giving birth to her. In turn, she received Ultraman powers that had been dormant for a very long time.

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Bemular wanted to be ready for the time when Rena’s powers would become active. Therefore, he had approached Yapool and asked him to keep a suit ready for her.

Does Bemular sacrifice himself?

During the final battle with Edo, Bemular and Hayata are trapped inside Edo’s spaceship. To help Hayata break free, Bemular decides to sacrifice himself. He uses all the little strength he has inside of him to create an explosion.

Bemular says that he needs to set right what he has caused by his actions. When Hayata asks him why he is doing this, Bemular claims that he has grown fond of these Earthlings.

The explosion kills Bemular, destroys a part of Edo’s spaceship, and helps Hayata break free. Hayata joins the Ultramen on the battlefield, and they all defeat Zetton and Edo together.

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