BEEF ending explained: Is Danny dead or alive?

BEEF follows Danny and Amy, who try to get back at each other after a road-rage incident and end up making one bad choice after another. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Danny Cho is a struggling contractor. He takes up all sorts of jobs in order to earn enough money to get his parents back to the US. His parents had to move to Korea after losing their motel because Danny’s cousin, Isaac, was counterfeiting baby formula at their motel.

Danny let Isaac use the motel for illegal activities, but he was not exactly aware of what Isaac was doing there. On top of this, Danny’s younger brother, Paul, does not help much with the bills either.

Then there is Amy Lau, the owner of a successful plant business. She has worked hard to get where she is today and now wants to sell her business because she wants to be there for her daughter, June. Amy’s husband, George, is a sculptor, and he is the one who takes care of June.

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Amy often feels like George does not understand her and is not always honest with him about her feelings. She is trying to sell her brand to a billionaire named Jordan, who, along with Amy’s artist mother-in-law, Fumi, aggravates her.

In a parking lot, Danny’s truck and Amy’s car almost crash into each other, which results in Amy provoking him. An angry Danny follows her car and destroys people’s gardens but ends up losing her eventually.

Danny notes the number on the license plate and finds out where she lives. He goes to her house as a contractor and urinates all over her bathroom to get back at her. Amy chases after him, but he manages to get away. 

Amy then finds him online and starts leaving bad reviews with regard to his services, and Danny’s business suffers because of that. Danny cannot own a business because of what happened to the motel, so he decides to start one with Paul and register it under his name.

Amy finds the business profile on social media and creates a fake account to text him. Amy introduces herself as Kayla and uses pictures of her employee, Mia, to get him to talk to her. It is Paul who replies to her messages, not Danny.  

When Amy has an argument with George, she angrily vandalizes Danny’s car. Danny sees the damage, and he also gets angry. He ends up pushing away Paul and putting an end to their business.

Amy continues talking to Paul; the two share their problems with each other. One day, Paul shows up at her store, and Amy confesses that she had been using a false identity to talk to him. Paul still likes her and kisses her. 

Isaac comes out of prison and gets in touch with Danny. He also lends him some money. Danny needs to buy land for his parents and get them to the US, but he fails to get a loan.

Danny has recently started going to the church where his ex-girlfriend, Veronica, goes. Veronica is married to Edwin, and they are expecting their first child. Danny, influenced by Isaac, decides to take a loan in the church’s name for renovations.

Isaac helps him steal the materials needed for the construction, and they plan to pocket the loan money. Danny comes out looking like a good person, as he tells the members of the church that he is only taking the money for the materials and not charging anything for his services.

Amy goes to Vegas to make a deal with Jordan regarding her business; the board wants Amy to continue being a part of the business. Paul steals Danny’s truck, which has the stolen material in it, and goes to meet her. Danny and Isaac follow him to get the truck back.

There, Danny gets into a fight with Paul again. Amy is asked to speak at a panel, and when Danny sees her there, he tries to create a scene to embarrass her. Due to this, he, along with Isaac, gets arrested.

Since Danny’s new business and truck containing stolen goods were registered under Isaac’s name, he is the one who is put under house arrest. Isaac insults Danny and decides to take charge of their church business.

Danny then introduces himself to George as Zane and befriends him. On the other hand, Amy ends up sleeping with Paul. When Paul asks her for a loan, they get into an argument and break up.

Danny convinces Isaac’s dimwitted sidekicks to rob Amy’s house but decides not to go ahead with it after talking to George. However, they do not listen to him and try to rob the house while Fumi is still inside. Fumi gets injured and is admitted to the hospital.

Naomi, Amy’s neighbor and Jordan’s sister-in-law, almost figures out what is going on between Amy and Danny. Amy decides to end her feud with Danny and offers to pay him to take the fall for her because this news might affect her deal with Jordan.

Before Danny could take the blame, it is Fumi who does it, and Amy no longer needs to pay Danny. As Danny is not getting the money that he needed from Amy and Isaac had shown Danny where he keeps all his illegitimate cash, Danny calls Naomi to tell her that Isaac was driving the truck on the day of the incident with Amy.

Eight months later, Isaac is back in prison, and Danny gets to use all his money. He finally builds a house for his parents. Even Paul gets his own apartment. Additionally, Danny replaces Edwin at the church as well and starts dating a girl named Esther.

At the same time, Amy has closed the deal with Jordan. She wants to love George unconditionally, but George decides to come clean first; he tells her that he was in love with Mia, Amy’s employee, last year. Amy tries her best to move past this, but it is hard.

George thinks Danny, who is pretending to be Zane, is very similar to Amy and invites him to a party at their house. At the party, Danny asks Amy if she is happy in her life after getting everything that she wanted, but she tells him that nothing lasts.

There, Danny also discovers that Amy is Kayla, Paul’s ex-girlfriend. He confronts her about it, and things turn ugly between them once again. Danny goes home and tells Paul that Amy was with him only because she wanted to get back at Danny.

An upset Paul visits Amy’s house and tells George that Amy cheated on him. George leaves the house with June without waiting for Amy’s explanations. 

This makes Amy visit her estranged parents. When she was young, she witnessed her father cheating on her mother. She also found out that her parents never wanted to have her. The visit does not help Amy in any way, as her family never talks about their problems.

Fumi convinces George to talk to Amy, and Amy tells him everything about her feud with Danny. After listening to the whole story, George decides to divorce her. Amy is ready to give him whatever he wants; she just does not want to lose June.

At the same time, Danny finally manages to get his parents to the US, only to find that the house he bought for them has been burned to the ground.

Paul and Danny think that Amy must have caused the fire because Paul ruined her relationship with George. Danny also suspects Edwin, who is present at the scene. Edwin admits that he was jealous of Danny and that his marriage is falling apart, but he did not set the house on fire.

Danny finds out that he had installed the wrong wires in the house, which caused the fire. However, he does not want things to change, so he lies to Paul and tells him that it was Amy who did it. 

BEEF ending explained in detail:

Who kidnaps June?

Danny then goes to meet George, who now knows about Danny’s real identity. George is scared to let him enter the house, so he asks June to wait for him in the car.

Danny requests George to let him use the washroom, as he needs to plant a woman’s glove in the house to prove that Amy caused the fire. When Danny comes out of the washroom, George points a gun at him and tells him that the police are on their way to arrest him.

Danny fights George for the gun, which results in George hitting his head and passing out. Danny has a few minutes to get out of the house before the police arrive. As soon as he leaves in his car, he realizes that June and her pet dog are in the backseat.

Danny does not have the time to take June back to her house, so he takes her to his own apartment. He asks Paul to call Amy to inform her that June is fine. Danny is planning to run away before the police come looking for him.

Unfortunately, Isaac has been released from prison and comes to settle the score with Danny. As Danny has spent his cash, Isaac decides to keep June and demand a ransom from Amy.

What happens at Jordan’s house?

Amy is at Jordan’s house when she gets a call from George, telling her that June has been kidnapped. She then gets a call from Isaac, who demands $500,000 in exchange for June’s safety.

Amy cannot withdraw that much money in just a few hours, so she tells Isaac that he can rob Jordan because she has a room full of precious crowns that would get them more than just half a million. She informs George about the same and asks him not to contact the police.

Isaac comes to Jordan’s house with his two companions. He keeps one of them, Bobby, in the car with Danny and Paul tied up. The two of them manage to escape by choking Bobby, and Danny makes sure to put June safely in Amy’s car. 

George does not listen to Amy and calls the police. Isaac’s other companion, Michael, does not let Danny and Paul get away and keeps them hostage in the house with Amy, Jordan, and Naomi, who is now engaged to Jordan.

Naomi tries to run to safety. Jordan follows her and gets brutally killed in the process. Amy tries to convince Isaac not to hurt anyone, but when the police show up, he starts firing at them. The police fire back, and Michael dies in the shooting.

What happens after the attempted robbery?

Danny and Paul try to get away from the chaos by scaling a wall. Paul gets on top of it but refuses to leave without Danny. There is no way that Danny can get to the other side of it.

It is then that Danny tells him that he was responsible for the fire and that Danny threw away Paul’s college applications years ago because he did not want him to leave him alone. 

Paul leaves without Danny, but Danny hears a gunshot from the other side of the wall. Danny does not know if Paul died or not, but he finds a way to crawl out without the police noticing him. 

Isaac gets arrested, and Amy finds out that George took June with him. She also gets a mail, which states that George has gotten June’s emergency child custody.

Do Danny and Amy resolve their differences?

Danny steals one of Jordan’s cars and leaves. He soon comes across Amy in her car, who tries to chase after him. She fails to contact the police, as she is in the middle of nowhere and there is no signal.

Their car chase leads to an accident, and both of them fall off a cliff. They survive the crash, and Amy holds Danny at gunpoint while she tries to call the police. Danny runs away from her and is forced to push her to save himself.

The next morning, the two come across each other again; they are both injured and have no way to get out of there, as there is still no signal. Danny decides to help her, but they start fighting again. Amy finds the gun that she lost, breaks Danny’s arm, and threatens him.

She makes him look for plants like elderberries to satiate their hunger and thirst. The plants that he finds turn out to be poisonous berries. They get sick and have a heart-to-heart conversation in a drugged state. 

They discuss their problems — Danny has been lonely all his life and Amy has been ashamed of who she is. They finally understand each other. As they think they are about to die, they realize that they should have talked like this more often. 

Does Danny die?

The two do not die and wake up the next day. They help each other and briefly get signals on their phones. Much to Danny’s relief, Paul made it out alive. 

Now that they understand each other, Amy offers to help Danny financially; she believes that he can get good lawyers who will be able to keep him out of prison. 

As they are walking towards the road, George comes looking for Amy. He misunderstands the situation; he thinks that Danny is going to hurt Amy, so he shoots him. 

In the hospital, Amy waits for Danny to wake up at his bedside. She climbs on the bed next to him and lies down with him. Finally, Danny’s arm moves to hold her, which means that he survived the gunshot.

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