BASTARD‼ -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy season 2 summary and ending explained

Netflix’s BASTARD‼ -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy season 2 follows Dark Schneider’s return as he, the Samurai Corps, and other friends unite to face against Kall-Su and the Sorcerer Shoguns.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy season 2 begins with Sorcerer Shogun Yngwie von Mattström’s brutal conquest as the brave Samurai Corps try to secure food supplies for the deprived.

As Kall-Su reveals his sinister plans to rule the world, Sorcerer Shogun Macapine inches closer to the Samurai castle. He eventually makes his way to the castle as the Samurai face off against him and fellow Shogun Ba-thory.

Yoko tries to resurrect the fallen Samurai using a spell that would kill her, but right then Dark Schneider surfaces and helps defeat the Shoguns, before helping resurrect the fallen Samurai.

Macapine ends up getting blasted to another corner of the world and drops near an unlikely survivor, Gara. Meanwhile, Di-amon barges into Kall-Su’s castle and stirs up chaos, revealing to them that Schneider has returned.

Yoko and crew learn about Kall-Su’s plans for Sorcerer Shoguns in King Crimson Glory before they’re called to the castle’s basement and discover an ancient artifact, which is a transportation machine.

While others are away on a mission, Shella remains in the castle and learns about Kall-Su’s painful childhood, as well as a shocking truth about his current state. Meanwhile, the Sorcerer Shoguns face turbulence and a dragon on their way to the city of angels.

Yoko and crew land in King Crimson Glory too. Kall-Su ends up arriving later and the fight between him and Schneider begins. Kall-Su breaks out of Anthrasax’s spell and sacrifices himself, but the seal within Sheila has also been broken.

Anthrasax is resurrected completely and takes over Kall-Su’s body to attack Schneider and the other survivors. Schneider helps bring Kall-Su from the mouth of death and together with the Sorcerer Shoguns, the Samurai, and the Divine Kings, he defeats the miniature Anthrsax.

The second season of BASTARD‼ -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy season 2 sees Kall-Su survive, the truth about Schneider’s identity being revealed properly, and Anthrasax summoning the Demons and approaching for a head-on battle.

BASTARD‼ -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy season 2 ending explained in detail:

How did Kall-Su’s mother die?

Kall-Su was born to a human mother and a father who was the chief of the tribe but not a human. One day, Kall-Su’s mother informs the child that his father has gone away from the world he came from.

In his absence, other tribesmen and kids started deriding and insulting Kall-Su for not being human and his mother for sleeping with an inhuman.

In a fit of uncontrolled rage, Kall-Su inadvertently let out a powerful curse, something he inherited from his father, and killed the bullies with it.

Feared by other tribesmen for being accursed and inhuman like his father, Kall-Su was imprisoned.

Thinking he at least still has his mother by his side, Kall-Su faced tragedy when his mother, coerced by other people in the tribe, came to kill him, plunging a sword down his head.

However, he survived because of his powers and also ended up killing his mother. It is in the eighth episode of Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy season 2 when the truth about his traumatic childhood is first revealed.

How did Kall-Su turn evil?

Dejected and depressed, Kall-Su thought that no one in this world needed, or would ever need him. He was proved wrong when Dark Schneider stumbled upon him and took him under his wing.

Kall-Su had no drive for continuing to live but seeing that someone needed him gave him purpose and a reason to live on.

He entrusted his services and powers to Dark Schneider, but during the Golem War, when the wizard died along with Lars Ul Meta-llicana, he once again got thrown into the deep abyss of despair.

He wanted to at least continue achieving the dream he shared with Dark Schneider and wished to take over the world.

He also had a lot of anguish, though, and when he resurrected Anthrasax, the God of Destruction took over his mind and spirit, amplifying his hatred for humans and turning him into a puppet to do their bidding.

Kall-Su intended on using Anthrasax to pass judgment on humans for their sins. However, at the end of Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy season 2, after Schneider helps save him and defeat a smaller version of Anthrasax, he comes to his senses and realizes that every human deserves the right to live.

What is Dark Schneider’s other half?

Dark Schneider’s other half, the good heart of a human and the power of good, was separated from him when he was born. He always wanted to get this missing half of his back.

This missing half and getting it back is one of the key reasons why Kall-Su helped Dark Schneider while under his wing as a friend. It’s later revealed that this other half is none other than Lucien Renlen.

During the climactic battle at the end of BASTARD‼ -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy season 2, Lucien and Schneider are finally about to merge, which would have allowed for him to become a Dragon Warrior, but Schneider keeps overwhelming Lucien and rejecting him.

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