Barracuda Queens summary and ending explained

Netflix’s Swedish crime drama series, Barracuda Queens follows five affluent suburban screw-up girls turning to the life of heists when they fall deep into debt.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

At the end of a wild weekend getaway to Baståd, Lollo, Klara, Mia, and Frida find that they really messed things up last night, with Klara and and Lollo racking up 100,000 and 70,000 in debt respectively.

They can’t get it from their parents, nor tell them about the horribly irresponsible acts they committed in a drunken stupor that cost them all those impossible bills. Klara commits another act to rack up some money which Lollo later gets inspired by.

Soon, the Barracuda Queens become thieves and go on their first heist, which goes awry until it doesn’t, and they add another member to their group. Together, they help Klara get her revenge on the guy who dumped her after sleeping with her, robbing his place when he’s away.

They later enjoy the exploits and both Klara and Lollo are able to pay off their debts. However, soon they develop a taste to continue the heists and with more heists, more of the outside parties get involved, all the while the police continue their investigations into the burglaries.

Group in-fighting, dishonesty, and lack of communication end up putting them all at risk of getting jailed. While they’re all called in for questioning, the police go off to investigate the evidence that can potentially incriminate them, only to find nothing as other perpetrators emerge and an unexpected figure works behind the curtain to help the girls.

Barracuda Queens ending explained in detail:

Do the girls get caught?

After the first burglary report from Djursholm, the police begin the investigation and the detectives find some of the girls suspicious.

As the heists become frequent, the investigations close in on the girls, and all of them contribute to actions that can incriminate them. Klara and Frida become suspects when they run into Margareta while trying to return the rabbit Frida brought with her after the heist at Gustav and Gunnil’s house.

They have to later admit to finding the rabbit and trying to return it to Carlssons when the detectives ask them about any unique development they might have witnessed. Meanwhile, Klara also lets out to Niklas and his parents that she’s been a part of the recent burglaries, although that doesn’t result in anything consequential.

Mia sneaks a necklace from the stolen goods into her bag and later sells it, following which she enjoys all the shopping she’s able to do with it and also gives her mother a lot of cash too. Meanwhile, Amina’s housemaid Trisha learns that she and her friends are stealing stuff and selling them when she overhears Amina and Lollo laughing about it.

Trisha even pawns the jewelry that Amina gives her as the last bit of shush money. She’s questioned by the detectives and lies to them about how she got the jewelry. Amina’s parents later fire her and she has to be deported. Louise aka Lollo, meanwhile, does the most egregious series of acts when she threatens and scares Carl-Johan into hiding their stolen goods inside his garage.

However, even after all these mistakes and issues, they do not get punished beyond a round of questioning by the police, and while the detectives sniff strong suspicion, another group of burglars directs their conclusions towards them instead of the Barracuda Queens, who they deem too rich and affluent to be doing all this unnecessary stealing.

Who saves the girls?

The detectives follow all the threads of suspects and find that they all connect to these five suburban girls from Djursholm. They also find Lollo’s connection to Carl-Johan and after questioning each girl, they go to his house to find evidence, i.e., stolen goods from all the burglaries.

However, they find nothing, and while the girls are all breaking down thinking they’re going to be incriminated, they are surprisingly saved by someone. They are released when Claes reports the ongoing burglary at his house while the girls are in custody.

These burglars have a record and they eventually get plastered on with the charges for burglaries that they didn’t even commit. Meanwhile, the girls meet and wonder how they got out of it, theorizing that Carl-Johan must have hidden away the stolen goods before the police could get to it all.

Later, Klara is sent off for a cleaning duty by her mother Margareta, who asks to take all her friends with her. When they arrive to clean the practice, they find the room filled with all the goods they burgled. They put it all together and know that Margareta is behind it.

When she was talking to Carl-Johan, he sputtered out everything that happened with Lollo, and when Margareta learned about it, she set off on trying to save her daughter from this mess.

She enlisted Carl-Johan’s help and moved all the stolen goods from his place to the room where the girls stumble upon it all, happy and celebrating all the profits they now have and how they should continue their heists before Barracuda Queens rolls the credits.

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