Balduino Basto: Citadel character explained

In Citadel, Nadia and Mason need to rescue Carter Spence, and for that, Mason must pay a visit to a crime boss named Balduino Basto, played by Sen Monro.

Nadia wants Mason to return to his family, as she does not think that he can help her when he does not remember his training or his past, but Carter Spence’s SOS makes Nadia reconsider.

To rescue Carter Spence, Nadia needs to get close to Balduino Basto, a man who will not hesitate to kill her, as Nadia killed his brother in the past, which means Mason is the only one who can get close to him.

Who is Balduino Basto?

After seeing Carter’s distress messages, Nadia figures out that he is being held hostage at a black site, a prison where agents are kept and tortured for information, a few miles outside of Fez. 

Balduino Basto is a Portuguese crime boss, and he is the one who runs this black site. Nadia believes that Manticore is using this black site to torture Carter in order to find the location of the X Case. 

Nadia can rescue Carter if she can get close enough to hack Balduino’s phone and get his access codes. Mason, who had a good relationship with Balduino, can meet him, and Nadia can then hack his phone.

Citadel Balduino
Mason goes to Balduino’s restaurant

Mason goes to meet Balduino at his restaurant, and Nadia guides him. She asks him to establish that he is not a threat to not get harmed by Balduino. 

Mason carries a lighter with a transmitter that will allow Nadia to download the data from Balduino’s phone while he keeps talking to him. Nadia advises Mason to ask Balduino for something big, and Mason asks for his help to get into the office of the chief of the armed forces.

Mason even offers to help him get rid of Manticore, but Balduino does not think that is possible. In fact, he even considers handing Mason over to them, as he can earn a lot by doing that. 

Balduino’s claims

As Mason has lost his memories, he had earlier asked Nadia about their relationship. She had lied to him and told him that they just worked together and that there was nothing between them.

However, Balduino refers to Nadia as Mason’s girlfriend and asks him about her. Mason does not react to that and tells him that Nadia is gone.

Balduino then claims that Nadia was the Citadel agent who was working for Manticore and that she was responsible for Citadel’s fall. She betrayed Citadel as well as Mason. 

The download gets complete, and Nadia asks Mason to leave, but he is too shocked to do anything. He eventually manages to get out of there unharmed by stealing Balduino’s son’s gun and threatening him.

When Mason later questions Nadia about her role in Citadel’s fall, she claims that Balduino was lying. Additionally, she still refuses to tell Mason about their history. The meeting with Balduino leaves Mason with a lot of unanswered questions.

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