Baki Hanma season 2 part 2 summary and ending explained

In Baki Hanma season 2 part 2, Baki finally faces his father in a fight, which comes to be known as the greatest father-son fight in history. The second part of season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After Baki’s fight with Pickle, Baki goes back to his normal life. He gets a full body checkup done, and the doctors find out that Baki’s brain is extraordinary. They consider his brain demonic. Baki’s presence alone is enough to cause unrest among animals.

The audience are also introduced to Kozue, a girl who has been in love with Baki, as well as the story of Baki’s mother’s death. Baki’s mother left her husband when she met Baki’s father, Yujiro. All she ever wanted was to give Baki’s father a son who was an elite fighter.

She never gave Baki the love that he wanted, but when Baki lost to Yujiro, she protected him from Yujiro. She was then killed by Yujiro. She ended up giving her life to save Baki. Baki does not hate his father anymore, but he still wants to fight him.

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Everyone knows that Baki will fight his father, who can now identify any and every weakness in the people around him. The upcoming battle gets the attention of the world leaders, as the world’s strongest man will be fighting his son.

Meanwhile, Retsu starts training as a boxer, and Katsumi Orochi is now mastering a new style of fighting. The loss of their limbs after their fights with Pickle has not stopped them from being great fighters. 

Initially, even as a boxer, Retsu refuses to change his fighting style and ends up insulting other boxers. However, he easily defeats them all when they challenge him to a fight. When a boxing promoter takes Retsu to the US to fight some of the best boxers there, he faces a boxer named Smoking Joe. 

Retsu’s fight with Smoking Joe changes his perspective. He realizes the value of boxing gloves and how they can be used as strong weapons. Furthermore, after defeating all the well-known boxers, Retsu gains recognition as a champion. 

At the same time, Baki wants to have a meal with his father. He wants to be able to have a normal father-son relationship with Yujiro and for Yujiro to cook for him like other fathers do for their sons. Yujiro has no interest in bonding with his son; he just wants to fight him. 

Yujiro eventually gives in and comes to Baki’s house for coffee and then once again to eat with him. However, it is far from a normal family meal. Yujiro also makes it clear that if Baki wants him to cook for him, he will have to force him.  

When Yujiro takes Baki out for dinner, Baki questions him about his mother’s death, which enrages Yujiro. Baki even manhandles him to get him to talk about it, and that results in the two of them fighting. The battle that everyone has been waiting for finally happens.

Yujiro, the world’s most feared man, is anything but a weak foe, but Baki stands his ground. Their battle draws the attention of even the general public. Crowds gather to witness it, and the police arrive to protect the masses from getting hurt.

While fighting his father, Baki uses the new move that he taught himself after learning how a cockroach moves, but even that does not do much harm to Yujiro. However, Yujiro praises Baki and tells him that he is proud of him, which makes Baki weep. Similarly, Baki is also proud to have a father as strong as Yujiro.

When Pickle, who has also come to watch the fight, tries to intervene for Baki’s sake, Baki breaks his tooth to tell him that this is between him and his father. The spirit of Yujiro’s father, who was also a legendary fighter, also makes a brief appearance.

Yujiro uses an effective yet brutal technique called the Dress in the fight, but Baki manages to dodge his blows somehow and gain the upper hand. As neither of them is ready to give up, the fight gets more and more intense, and the world watches eagerly.

Baki Hanma season 2 part 2 ending explained in detail:

Does the fight improve Baki and Yujiro’s relationship?

When Kozue finds out about the fight, she tries to stop it. Baki tells her that this fight is a competition and that he is grateful for it, as he and his father can only use all their deadly techniques against each other. 

Similarly, Yujiro, who has been bored and fed up with life because he does not have worthy opponents, is finally challenged in a way that excites him, and it is his own son who brings him that challenge. By exchanging blows, Baki and Yujiro now feel connected to each other.

How does the fight end?

As Baki and Yujiro’s fight nears its end, the two of them keep hitting each other relentlessly. Their intense fight only ends when Yujiro embraces Baki. He crushes Baki in his arms the way he did with Baki’s mother when he killed her.

Baki’s body sustains excessive damage, and he is unable to get up again. A victorious Yujiro declares that they have fought enough and walks away from his injured son. 

Who is declared the winner of the fight?

Just when Yujiro thinks that he has won, he receives a blow to his head. He realizes that even though his son is unable to move, his spirit has not been defeated. His spirit is still fighting Yujiro.

Yujiro is moved and starts chopping an imaginary tofu. He cooks a make-believe miso soup with tofu for Baki in front of all the people who have been watching the fight. The father-son duo sits down to share a meal right then and there. 

When Baki states that the soup is salty and flips the table, Yujiro acknowledges that Baki has the strength to impose his will and attain his most selfish desires. Baki got the world’s strongest man to stand in the kitchen and cook for him.

Yujiro asks Baki to claim the title of the strongest man in the world. At the same time, Baki, who is now the strongest man in the world, states that he lost the fight to his father because Yujiro was the one standing in the end and looking down on Baki. 

The audience celebrates and cheers for Yujiro and Baki. Yujiro hands over his title to his son, and Baki gives him the victory. This is how the end of the greatest father-son fight in history will be remembered.

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