Bae Ok-Hui: Behind Your Touch character explained

Bae Ok-Hui is one of the main characters in Netflix’s Korean romcom, Behind Your Touch.

Bong Ye-Bun has few friends in Mujin and the one she can count on always no matter the circumstance or ask, is her best friend from her high school days, Bae Ok-Hui.

A formidable friend

Bae Ok-Hui is a friend one can count on with a great many things in life. That’s what happened with Bong Ye-Bun. After her mother’s death, she came to live with her aunt and grandfather in Mujin.

A new place and a new high school naturally come with uncharted territories and when one knows nobody, getting through the day in any setting can be difficult. Thankfully for Ye-Bun, she gets a friend in Ok-Hui instantly.

Behind Your Touch Ok-Hui
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Ok-Hui runs a convenience store with her brother just a few paces from Ye-Bun’s clinic, which was her grandfather’s vet hospital previously. It’s her aunt that informs her about Ok-Hui and tells her that she’s got a friend in her.

Ok-Hui is confident and blunt and keeps it straight with Ye-Bun, immediately reassuring her that she’ll be her support system in the school, and she does what she says. Soon, the two become best of friends despite the several differences in their personalities and preferences.

Mujin’s spy network leader

Bae Ok-Hui has dirt on everyone in Mujin, and it’s revealed pretty early on in the show that she heads a network of women with different sets of skills who all sort of keep tabs on the big happenings and the minutiae in the community.

She employs these women, whom she knows all about, on missions whenever the need arises. When Detective Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun need a ruckus at a campaign rally, Ok-Hui makes it happen with the help of her network members.

She also enlists them to spy on her boyfriend when Ye-Bun warns her about the person.

Failure prone in Romance

Bae Ok-Hui is frequently unlucky when it comes to her romantic life. Time and again, it’s established in the show, that she has a streak of romantic failures and currently she is a single woman despite her efforts to change that.

Even the boyfriend she wants to take things further with turns out to be a closeted non-binary person who hides their identity from her. She has to sever their ties as lovers and decides to be just friends with them.

It’s also revealed that she’s a hopeless romantic and this nature of hers is something her brother and Ye-Bun are very familiar with. This is confirmed when she mistakes Jang-Yeol’s unremarkable observation as his attention on her and romantic interest in her.

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