Bae Deok-Hee: Behind Your Touch character explained

Bae Deok-Hee is one of the supporting characters in Behind Your Touch. The character is played by Jo Min-Guk.

When Moon Jang-Yeol got demoted and transferred from the Regional Crimes Unit in Seoul to a small town called Mujin, he received a cultural whiplash among many other shocks and surprises.

One of the people helping him acclimate to the culture and environment of the town is his junior at the police station by the name of Bae Deok-Hee.

Aloof but socially adept

Deok-Hee appears childlike and also behaves like a simpleton at times. He’s rather innocent but in no way does that have any bearing on his competence as a detective.

He’s often volunteered and gotten in front when tackling a case either in a personal or professional capacity. Meanwhile, he’s proven to be quite helpful to Jang-Yeol.

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Bae Deok-Hee Jang-Yeol Behind Your Touch
Image source: Netflix

A jaded and socially reclusive Jang-Yeol finds it difficult to read between the lines and comprehend the actual meaning behind the words that many Mujine residents have to convey.

To help him catch the macro and micro nuances and the actual tone of the message, Bae Deok-He is always there to decipher a person’s real feelings on the spot.

A tormented brother

Bae-Deok-Hee is the younger brother of Ok-Hui. Their convenience store’s name contains the names of both siblings but it’s made clear really soon who holds the more stake in this whole game.

Ok-Hui is a brash and big person and Bae Deok-Hee is prone to being the youngest person in any setting. As is the usual case with most siblings, there’s a feudal dynamic between the two.

It’s evident that Ok-Hui has the upper hand, as she keeps him in line and asserts dominance. Meanwhile, Deok-Hee can’t bear his sister anymore and desperately wants to be rid of her at times.

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