Avtandil: Extraction 2 character explained

In Extraction 2, Avtandil is Davit and Zurab’s uncle who helped them when they needed someone the most. Dato Bakhtadze plays Avtandil.

Davit and Zurab were born into war. They were raised in it and hardened by it. At their very lowest point in life, they fled the civil war in Georgia and escaped to Armenia, where their uncle, Avtandil, gave them a new life.

Davit and Zurab grew up under his watchful eye. They turned to crime to survive the life-threatening streets of Yerevan. Avtandil was by their side as they started running drug operations and soon began murdering people.

Now that the brothers have a drug empire of their own in Georgia, they still have Avtandil serving them.

Avtandil tries to guide Zurab

Avtandil knows how the Nagazi and the Radiani brothers function inside and out. When Zurab starts chasing Ketevan and her kids, Avtandil realizes that Zurab is hell-bent on killing them. Zurab was taught by his father to fight for his brother until the last drop of his blood.

Avtandil: Extraction 2 character explained 1
Avtandil tells Sandro that he shouldn’t have called them

Avtandil tries to convince Zurab that he is walking on the wrong path, but Zurab stays adamant about following what his father has taught him.

Avtandil is aware of what Zurab is capable of, and when Sandro asks Avtandil whether Zurab is going to kill his mother, Avtandil tells him that he shouldn’t have called them in the first place if he wanted his mother to live.

Avtandil’s death

When Sandro comes to their side, Avtandil once again tries to talk some sense into Zurab. The Nagazi had already lost good soldiers to Tyler’s team. If Zurab continues to follow his rage, they may lose more.

Avtandil asks Zurab to be a good example to Sandro. By dying or going inside prison, Zurab will not be able to help Sandro. A stubborn Zurab shares how his father used to compare Avtandil to a character that used to blurt nonsense in people’s ears.

Avtandil questions where Zurab’s father and his brother are now. A triggered Zurab then quickly shoots Avtandil down. After watching Avtandil die, Sandro realizes the mistake he has made.

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