Autumn Beat ending explained: Does Tito make peace with the past?

Autumn Beat is a coming-of-age drama, narrating the lives of two brothers Paco and Tito and their pursuit for success, money and eventually peace through rap and music. The movie is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Paco is a born rapper and his brother Tito is an amazing writer. The duo is in pursuit of achieving fame and glory in the world of music. Along with Paco and Tito are David, their friend and music producer, and Ify, Paco’s girlfriend.

Although Paco’s raps were loved by the streets, they fail to clinch any major success. Even when Gue Pequeno, a big name in the industry, offers to have a deal with Paco, he is not able to clinch it since Gue feels that the lyrics lack depth.

While it was Tito and David, with their ‘Autumn Beat’, who were instrumental in helping Paco finally clinch this deal, Paco chooses to overshadow them. Hurt and broken, Tito walks away, closing the door behind him.

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While growing up, Paco has an estranged relationship with their mother Grace, while Tito remains close to her. Paco spends time with friends and gets famous among them, while Tito helps Grace with her job, during which Tito meets Ify as well.

In exchange for the money Paco borrowed from Tito, he gives Tito a walkman, which takes him into the world of rap and music. However, Tito partially loses his voice as a car driven by Paco meets with an accident.

Years later, Tito, who has now become a professor, attends Paco’s funeral, where David introduces him to 8-year-old Aisha, Ify and Paco’s daughter. David informs him that Ify had left Paco a long time ago and asks Tito to take care of Aisha.

Tito agrees hesitantly; however, sooner than later, they find their rhythm with each other. Tito tells Aisha that Paco did try to make up for his past mistakes, but Tito could never reconcile no matter how bad he wanted to do so.

Tito also takes Aisha to meet Grace, who was taken care of by him, while Paco’s relationship with her remained estranged. Determined to give Aisha a better life, Tito also goes to meet Ify.

Despite having moved on in life, Ify comes to meet Tito as Tito and Aisha are seen walking back after visiting an aquarium. Ify promises Tito that she will be there for Aisha, but asks Tito as well to promise that he’ll be there for the family. She hugs Tito and leaves, telling them that she’ll be back the next day.

Autumn Beat ending explained in detail:

How is Paco remembered?

With all his flaws, Paco remains a character deep and with many shades. While there are definitely moments where Paco’s decisions cost him much in life, including his mother, his brother and his girlfriend, he also had an immense amount of love for them, particularly his brother Tito.

His relationship with his mother remained largely estranged and his efforts to reconnect with Ify also seemed minimal. But Paco consistently tries to make up with his brother for the mistake he made, even moments before his death in a car accident. As icing on the top, Ify and David also comment that Paco was a good father.

Does Tito love Ify?

Initially, it was Tito and Ify who became friends. But probably after the accident in which Tito partially lost his voice, he turned more introverted and away from Ify as well.

Even as Ify and Paco got close, the affection and concern that Tito showed towards Ify at various junctures showcased his deep love for Ify. There are moments in the movie, where Tito asks Paco to listen to Ify and to not fool around with other girls.

True, Tito never expressed his love for Ify, maybe since Paco and Ify were close, but it’s left ambiguous as to whether Tito truly loved Ify.

What does Ify’s promise mean?

After separating from Paco, Ify has moved on with life. She says that she is with a man who loves and respects her; she is also pregnant with their child.

However, at a later moment, she promises Tito that she will be there for Aisha and that she’ll come back the next day.

She also asks Tito to be there for this family, of Ify and Aisha and hugs him before leaving. As such, the best bet would be that Ify intends to speak to her partner about Aisha and the importance of her being there for Aisha as a mother and requests Tito’s presence as an uncle to fill the vacuum created by Paco’s death.

Does Tito forgive Paco?

Tito’s accepting of the responsibility Aisha needs to be seen as Tito’s effort in making peace with the past. He regrets that he is not able to resolve his issues with Paco before his passing. Tito had also promised Ify that he will be there with her even if Paco leaves her behind.

However, following his break-up with Paco, he chooses to remain disconnected from Ify as well. In the end, Ify also asks Tito to promise that he will be there for the family, which Tito accepts.

Tito is indeed eager to make peace with the painful past, to which Aisha is seen as the key.

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