Audrey: Platonic character explained

In Platonic, Audrey is the ex-wife of Will, who married her even though his best friend, Sylvia, had warned him against it. Alisha Wainwright plays Audrey.

Sylvia decides to reconnect with Will when he finally parts ways with Audrey. Back in the day, Sylvia and Audrey both hated each other. Sylvia had told Will that Audrey is terrible for him.

Will married Audrey, and years later, it seems like what Sylvia had said came true. Sylvia first assumes that Audrey and Will divorced on friendly terms. She finds out it’s not the case when she sees them fighting outside Will’s bar.

Why did Audrey and Will divorce?

In the first episode, Audrey ruins the party Will is having at his bar by showing up with her boyfriend. An infuriated Will kicks them out and fights with Audrey outside. Watching Will in this state makes Sylvia think that she should stay with her former best friend.

Audrey: Platonic character explained 1
Audrey faces the wrath of Will for bringing her boyfriend to his bar

Sylvia comforts Will and the two finally recreate their old magic by hanging out at another bar. When Sylvia asks Will why he and Audrey divorced, Will reveals that Audrey started thinking that he is not ambitious enough.

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Audrey climbed up the social ladder as a successful art dealer and looked at Will as a loser who drinks too much. After that, Will hooked up with a random person, and their marriage soon came to an end.

How does Audrey feel about Sylvia?

It’s clear that Sylvia was right about Audrey, but even she had a part in ruining the relationship Will had with her. In the second episode, Will and Sylvia break into Audrey’s house to pick up the former’s stuff, not knowing that Audrey is home.

Audrey confronts them and asks what Sylvia is doing with Will. She then reveals how destructive Sylvia and Will’s relationship was back then. The time Sylvia was supposed to spend with her husband, she spent with Will.

On top of that, Will used to invite Sylvia to his date nights with Audrey and talk to her until 4 a.m. on the phone. Sylvia even used to pick clothes for him. Audrey didn’t like any of that, and she felt like Sylvia invaded their personal space. This made Audrey set boundaries.

Has Will moved on from Audrey?

Audrey kicks Will and Sylvia out of the house. Sylvia somehow manages to steal Will’s pet lizard, Gandalf. With Gandalf in his hands and after that conversation with Audrey, Will finally cuts ties with her.

Audrey is also the step-sister of Reggie, an investor in Will’s bar. They are close, which means Will may have to face Audrey from time to time.

In the third episode, watching Audrey enjoy her life with her new boyfriend encourages Will to look at the bigger picture and agree to collaborate with Johnny 66. Audrey may continue to be the one who will drive Will to move on and make a name for himself.

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